Have you gotten your hands on your choice of Samsung‘s hot new Galaxy S24-series powerhouses already? If you haven’t, a lot of people around the world must have, reportedly prompting the second-largest smartphone vendor out there to revise its early sales target up.

Of course, the company is unlikely to ever confirm or deny the numbers speculated by an often reliable insider on the social network formerly known as Twitter, although the official signs have all been rather promising ever since the S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra went up for global pre-orders on January 17.

How big is 13 million?

Well, for starters, 13 million, which is apparently how many Galaxy S24 units Samsung expects to collectively ship by the end of March, obviously represents a bigger number than the 12 million previously forecasted as the ultra-high-end handset family’s Q1 2024 tally.

13 million is also more than Google’s estimated Pixel smartphone sales total for the entire year of 2022, for instance, and of course, Samsung is shipping many other mobile devices than just these three super-premium models.

Naturally, the chaebol’s strongest competitor for the title of top smartphone vendor in the world is Apple and certainly not Google, and compared to the iPhone 15 family’s projected box-office results, it sounds like the S24 trio will predictably come up short. 

Similar to its arch-rival, Apple doesn’t like to break down its mobile device sales figures by model or generation, but various analysts think 150 million units is an achievable target for the iPhone 15 quartet within 12 months of a September 2023 release. 

In contrast, last year’s Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra were believed to have hit cumulative sales of a little over 25 million units in their first nine months of commercial availability, a number that should be relatively easy to exceed for the three’s 2024 sequels but probably not by a lot.

Can the Galaxy S24 family keep topping Samsung’s goals?

That’s obviously impossible to say right now for a multitude of reasons, starting with the company’s secrecy and general vagueness when it comes to sales targets, achievements, and numbers of any sort… apart from those quarterly reports where the mobile division is always treated as a whole.

But the beginning has definitely been extremely encouraging across markets as diverse as South Korea (as always), India (which is perhaps more important than ever), and the Netherlands (of all places). Something tells us that the Galaxy S24 series is generating strong demand pretty much everywhere on the old continent, but Samsung’s almost complete silence regarding US pre-orders and early sales is certainly not very promising.

Along with China, that’s a huge market where Apple is totally crushing Samsung (especially in the high-end segment), which is why… it might actually be good news for consumers that there’s not a whole lot of noise being done about regional feats around those parts.

That could well mean those awesome pre-order deals will return sooner rather than later and perhaps even get better as Samsung is likely to pull out all the stops in an attempt to make these bad boys the box-office hits they probably deserve to be. That goal may prove a little harder to achieve than initially expected if user complaints of display and camera quality issues continue to pour in, which could make the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra even more affordable in the relatively near future. 

For the time being, you can get the largest discounts directly from Samsung… with the right trade-in or you can opt for an Amazon or Best Buy purchase with a nice and handy gift card included.

Galaxy S24 series sales are so strong that Samsung is already raising its goals

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