Recently we passed along a leak posted in the form of a tweet that referenced the battery capacity for next year’s Galaxy S25 Ultra. To keep costs down, Sammy’s top-of-the-line flagship phone for 2025 will keep the same 5,000mAh capacity with support for 45W fast charging according to @Sawyergalox. Originally, the plan was to use stacked batteries to improve battery life and support faster 65W charging, but Samsung has apparently pushed that back to 2026 and the Galaxy S26 Ultra.

As disappointing as it is to hear that the battery capacity for the Galaxy S25 Ultra isn’t expected to change, another “X” tipster by the name of PandaFlash (via Wfcctech) says that he was told by an unnamed source about a new feature from Samsung called “Battery AI” that could be added to a future Galaxy S line. This feature will add 5% to 10% additional runtime to the phone. 

While some software does exist to extend battery life, the extra runtime usually is created by throttling the CPU/GPU, or by reducing the capabilities of the 5G modem. While PandaFlash wasn’t informed about how “Battery AI” will work, he believes that the feature works by shutting down unnecessary tasks running in the background that use system resources.

PandaFlash doesn’t mention whether he was told that “Battery AI” will debut on the Galaxy S25 series, but since most of his posts refer to the 2025 flagship line, we can make the assumption that the feature will arrive early next year with the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+, and the Galaxy S25 Ultra. Considering that Samsung launched Galaxy AI with this year’s flagship series, adding “Battery AI” to the Galaxy S25 line would make sense. The feature would have to work with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and Exynos 2500 application processors that will power the 2025 models.

If Samsung does deliver this feature next year, it might draw some attention away from those ready to blast the manufacturer for keeping the capacity of the battery used on the Ultra model unchanged at 5000mAh since the Galaxy S21 was released in 2021.

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