Galaxy Watch 7 gets 50% faster charging, but ‘Galaxy Watch FE’ won’t

Samsung is apparently upgrading the charging on its upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series, boosting speeds by 50%.

Smartwatch charging is not traditionally a very fast process, especially for wireless setups like what is used on the Galaxy Watch series. But, over time, Samsung has been improving its speeds. Where Galaxy Watch 4 launched with mere 5W speeds, Watch 5 doubled that to 10W for a noticeable improvement. Galaxy Watch 6 stuck with the same speed, but it seems the next generation will further improve things.

As spotted by SamMobile, FCC listings for the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch FE reveal the two smartwatches’ charging speeds.

In the case of Galaxy Watch 7, support for charging at up to 5V 3A equates to 15W charging speeds. That’s up from 10W on the prior models by 50%, and should definitely be noticeable, even as the Watch 7 “Pro” upgrades its battery size.

However, Samsung won’t be providing the same upgrade on its “Galaxy Watch FE.” This smartwatch, which is rumored to be cheaper, would actually be even slower than the Watch 6 at 5V 1A. That’s a mere 5W charging speed, and will likely feel quite slow. But, considering that device is expected to largely be an updated Galaxy Watch 4, that doesn’t come as a big surprise.

Samsung is expected to launch its new Galaxy Watch models alongside Galaxy Ring, new foldables, and more in July.

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