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For people who want to be on the cutting edge of smartphones, the foldable segment is the place to be. Phones have been mostly unchanged in their general design for a long time but foldables bring some excitement to the table and most major manufacturers have gotten their hands in the cookie jar, though some more than others.

Samsung’s sixth generation of foldables is launching this year and we’ve got the strongest confirmation that the Z Fold 6 is going to come with a design change. In other news, Apple, who we knew had plans to jump into the foldable pool, looks set to join the fray a lot sooner than previously reported.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Will Be Adopting A More S24 Ultra-Like Design

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Facelift Confirmed + Apple's Foldable For 2025 5
Image Credit: Smartprix/OnLeaks on X

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold lineup has retained what is mostly the same design over the last three generations. Sure, it’s not a bad design, but at a point, consumers want something new, and they want something that can stand out in a crowd as the latest device in town.

We previously reported on a leak that stated that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 was going to be coming to market with a new and more angular design, but now, we have solid (though still unofficial) confirmation from another source. This time, it’s Thinborne, a case manufacturer based in the US, who have shared a CAD file of the upcoming device, showing a design in keeping with what we saw earlier. Case manufacturers have to have their accessories ready well before launch, so it does make sense that they get early access to design specs.

This design is quite like what Samsung has been doing on its S Ultra flagships for about three generations as well, though it is most alike the S24 Ultra with its flat frame and flat cover display. The triple camera module remains in the same place, but there’s not much else to see from this basic render.

Apple’s First Foldable Device Is Due Next Year; First Foldable Phone The Year After

Speaking of foldables, there’s more news on Apple’s late but potent decision to enter the foldable market. Previously, there was some postponement in the company’s foldable plans due to some concerns with the technology involved, but now, according to 9To5Mac, a new investor note indicates that Apple intends to release its first foldable device in late 2025 and a second in late 2026.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Facelift Confirmed + Apple's Foldable For 2025 6
Image: TalkAndroid

The first device isn’t a smartphone. Instead, it seems set to be more of a foldable hybrid between a MacBook and an iPad, considering it is expected to have a 20.3-inch foldable display. However, it won’t be until about a year later in late 2026 that Apple is expected to jump into the actual foldable smartphone market, with its first foldable iPhone. It is reported that the company is considering two screen sizes for this device: 7.9 inches and 8.3 inches.

However, keep in mind that this report is not confirmed and there are several things that could result in a change to this timeline, so keep your pinch of salt handy.

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