Galaxy Z Fold 6 image shows off entire front display, and it’s symmetrical

The Galaxy Fold 6’s physical appearance hasn’t had much time in the spotlight until now. A new leak showcases the full front display of the Galaxy Fold 6, and it’s clear Samsung is ditching the “B” shape of previous models.

The Galaxy Fold 5 was a well-designed phone by most accounts. It housed a front display that was generally large enough, allowing for an internal aspect ratio that was phenomenal and fun to use. One of the issues with that design was the shape of the front display. It sort of looks like the letter “B,” with a straight edge on the left with sharp corners and rounded corners on the right side.

A new leak posted by ICE UNIVERSE on Twitter/X showcases a change in the next generation. The Galaxy Fold 6 model displayed in the image has a symmetrical front display, with a similar footprint around the entire face – mostly.

The Fold 6 somewhat tricks the eyes and houses a sharper corner on the left edge of the device, though the bezel retains an identical radius on either side while the body and hinge take on a slightly different silhouette. Another huge change is how much space Samsung left between the left edge bezel and the phone’s hinge. Where there was around 5mm of space, there is now only 3mm or so – this is an approximate estimation based on an internet photo.

We’ve seen a head-on image before, but of only the top portion of the phone.

It’s unclear what version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 this is. Leaks have been circulating for a bit now that indicate Samsung will release three models at different price points. This may or may not be the “Ultra” model some could be expecting, however, the company’s plans remain very much unclear. If this is an Ultra model, it begs the question if Samsung will retain a more OnePlus Open-like design for the middle or budget model if that comes to fruition.

It’s unclear. What is clear is how different the majority of the Galaxy Fold 6 will be rolling into this generation. An overall sharper design and thinner bezels will pull a lot of weight in furthering the foldable corner of the smartphone market and spice up the competition for other OEMs like Google and OnePlus.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is expected to be announced in June alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

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