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Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is rumored for July 10th in Paris. We are to expect new foldables, smartwatches, earbuds, and even their first smart ring. Earlier this year, leaks also revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Fold6 Ultra phone models are among the new releases.

However, more recent leaks suggest that Samsung might reconsider plans to release the Z Fold6 Ultra phone. It’s disappointing news, considering that many users were hoping for a better camera, wider cover screen, dustproof design, bigger battery, and slimmer build from the next major foldable.

A Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra phone exists, but it may not reach your region

Tech Blogger, Evan Blass, has shared a list of Samsung products on his X account. The list covers all devices that will make their debut at the Galaxy Unpacked event in July 2024. Unfortunately, the Z Fold6 Ultra smartphone isn’t among them, which has raised many questions for fans anticipating its arrival. 

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra Might Not Launch In July 4
Image: Smartprix/OnLeaks on X

Blass says the leak is from a reliable source, and has mentioned the Book4 laptops, Buds3 earbuds, and Watch7 wearable device series, as well as the first Galaxy Ring. Lastly, he uses the Q6 and B6 codenames for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 smartphones, respectively. 

The Z Fold6 Ultra supposedly had the Q6A codename and the SM-F958N model number. But there is confusion as rumors say that the Q6A codename may represent an “A series” mid-range version of the Fold phone.

According to a reliable list, these are the only notable SS products on deck in the near future:

Galaxy Book4 Edge
Galaxy Book4 Edge Pro
Galaxy Buds3
Galaxy Buds3 Pro
Galaxy Ring
Galaxy Watch FE
Galaxy Watch7
Galaxy Watch7 Ultra

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) May 20, 2024

Now, all there is to why Samsung won’t be releasing one of its next big foldables are speculations. But the most reasonable rumor says that the Z Fold6 Ultra might be a Korea-exclusive phone — at least initially. There’s still a chance it could come to other markets later. For now, the US launch seems unlikely.

Possible reasons why Samsung may hold out on the Z Fold6 Ultra release

Unlike traditional phones, foldable phones have a more complex design with a hinge mechanism. There’s less space for the large sensors, telephoto lenses, and other bulky camera or phone components that we very much desire on them.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra Might Not Launch In July 5
Image: Samsung

Already, they are expensive enough because of the new technology and high-end materials needed to produce them. Manufacturers often have to prioritize features over others to keep the price down. But there’s only so much they can do on that end. 

The Z Fold5 costs $1,920. The Z Fold6 Ultra version might be more expensive, even though it’ll share many similar features with its predecessor. Plus, it’ll resemble the Galaxy S24 Ultra‘s angular design. It’s possible that Samsung wants to gauge consumer interest and market response in its home market before committing to a wider launch. If anything, the standard Galaxy Z Fold 6 should be enough for most markets.

Samsung is still tight-lipped about the Z Fold6 Ultra release

Samsung hasn’t breathed a word about the Z Fold6 launch, and we’ll just have to wait until an official confirmation. For all we know, the suspense could be part of a big reveal at the Unpacked Event. This secrecy strategy mirrors what they did with the first Galaxy Fold launch. But it’s working as we’re on the edge of our seats. 

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