Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant could come as an ‘Ultra’ model instead of budget

Fresh off of the new leaked renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, new word indicates that the leaked foldable will be the base model, and Samsung is working on an “Ultra” variant that could cost more with better features.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve heard swells or rumors that seemed to indicate that Samsung was working on a secondary model to accompany the Galaxy Z Fold 6 at launch. That model was presumed to be a budget model, which would make sense considering the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is so expensive in the first place. However, it looks like the opposite might be true, where Samsung is actually building an Ultra version of the Fold 6, similar to how the S24 series carries a bigger and more expensive Ultra model.

According to new information from WinFuture, MWC in Barcelona has proven to offer not only solid new products but also fluid rumors and details surrounding Samsung’s future plans for the Fold line. The new information indicates that Samsung will not introduce a budget Galaxy Z Fold 6. Rather, the Fold 6 will become the more affordable option with a higher-end foldable.

The new Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant might not go by the “Ultra” moniker, but it could include physical changes such as an S Pen, whether incorporated into a silo or not, and higher specs. It was previously believed that the budget model would forego S Pen support in favor of the regular model, but it now seems that the Ultra model would house support while the regular Fold 6 will go without support. The rumors don’t indicate specifics yet, but it’s clear that Samsung is working on a new version of the foldable that would act as a separate option for consumers.

It’ll be interesting to see what Samsung does to branch off from the idea of a traditional foldable since that idea hasn’t quite been solidified by any company. We’re also keen to see how Samsung prices the high-end phone since the Fold 6 is already set to be as or more expensive as the Fold 5.

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