Ever since the Google Pixel 6, the company has released two models of its flagship phones. There’s the regular model and the Pro model. However, back in the day, Google used to have an XL model of its phones. Well, it appears that the Pixel 9 will have an XL model along with a regular and Pro model.

Right now, information about these phones is still trickling in, so there are plenty of details yet to come. This means that you should definitely take this news cautiously. Between now and October, when we expect these phones to launch, anything could change.

We could see a Pixel 9 Pro XL this year

Back in January, we got a leak of what we thought were the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. However, according to the latest reports, that’s not quite the case. What we were actually looking at were the Pixel 9 Pro and what could be the Pixel 9 Pro XL, allegedly. This bit of news is thrown us for a loop. Thanks to 91 mobiles, we have some leak specs and details for the vanilla Google Pixel 9. If all of this is true, then Google could very well launch three different devices in October under the Pixel 9 line.

First, the Pixel 9 specs

We are still getting information about these phones, but we were able to get some pretty in-depth information about the smallest of the trio. According to leaked specs, this phone will have a 6.03-inch display, which is relatively small. The dimensions could be 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5mm, and 12mm including the camera bump.

We’re pretty sure that it’s going to maintain the 1080p+ resolution and similar technology to its bigger siblings. We will just have to see.

Moving on to the internals, we don’t have too much information about what will be powering this phone. However, according to the report, the Pixel 9 will most likely sport the Google Tensor G4 chipset. Along with that, you expect Qi2 wireless charging that can grant it up to 15 watts of wireless charging and magnetic alignment.

Below, we see a leaked video showcasing what this phone could potentially look like. In the video, we see the phone in a black color. We’re certain that Google is going to give this color some sort of “Google-ified” name.

It appears to share the same exact design as phones in the previous leaks. The main difference is the lack of a third camera sensor.

The Pixel 9 series could resurrect the XL name

Back when Google launched the first Pixel phone, it introduced us to the Pixel XL series of phones. These were always the larger of the two phones with a sharper screen. The XL tradition continued through the Pixel 4 Series with the Pixel 5 launching as a solo product. With the Pixel 6 series, Google brought the “Pro” moniker, and that pretty much took over the role of the XL phone.

However, with the news that the previously leaked phones were the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL, it appears that Google is looking to switch its strategy yet again.

We have no idea what will make the Pro XL version better than the Pro and Vanilla Pixel 9. One bit of speculation is that Google could launch the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL with the Google Tensor 4 processor and stick the vanilla Pixel 9 Pro with the older Tensor 3 processor. That could be a method to differentiate the Pro line from the vanilla line. However, that’s only speculation.

In any case, we are certain to get more information about these phones between now and the launch. So, stay tuned for more information about these phones to come. We expect Google to make these phones official sometime in the fall.

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