Early adopters of the first-gen Google Pixel Watch are being treated with the March Feature Drop which includes the new Fitbit Workout UI. These new features make it easy for wearers to gain valuable insights about their vitals with just a glance.

The first-generation Pixel Watch will now get access to the same Fitbit Workout UI that Google introduced in the smartwatch’s second generation. The March Feature Drop, announced earlier this month for the Pixel smartphone and smartwatch series, is now being rolled out.

What new features does the March Feature Drop have for Pixel smartwatches?

The March Feature Drop revamps the original Google Pixel smartwatch and brings it in line with the newer models. Simply put, the first-gen Pixel Watch is getting the new Fitbit Workout UI.

The original User Interface (UI) had multiple stats cramped into two rows on the same face. The new UI offers a semi-circular ring for heart rate zones, which is way more visually appealing.

The new UI has key stats in a list that users can access by swiping up or down. Even though four stats appear on the first page and three on the second, this is way more informative at a glance compared to the old UI.

Leak reveals Google Pixel Watch 2’s Fitbit features: Stress tracking, revamped UI for workouts, and more. Expected to be a pre-order bonus with Pixel 8 Pro, offering new fitness tracking and safety features. Pixel event on October 4. #PixelWatch2 #Google #Fitbit

— Sadeeq (@Bunis_Malli) September 29, 2023

The Fitbit Workout UI now reveals other metrics when users swipe right and to the left like exercise controls. Additionally, Google has changed the shape of the Lock, End, and Pause buttons. While they were circular, the new UI has pill-shaped buttons. As the controls are effectively larger, it is now easier to tap them while working out.

The update includes the much-needed Auto Workout Mode, which promises to detect running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor bike, treadmill, or rowing quickly and reliably. Curiously, the Fitbit Relax app for breathing exercises is missing in the update. Still, Google is offering Pace Training and Heart Zone Training.

Google had already unlocked the ability to obtain public transit directions in Maps on Pixel Watch via a recent Wear OS update.

How to install the latest Google Pixel Watch March Feature Drop update?

Google is rolling out the Fitbit Workout UI through the Fitbit app, which is now on version 3.19. First-gen Pixel Watch owners will have to first update their Fitbit app from the Play Store.

Just got new Fitbit Exercise UI on PW1
byu/Working-March inPixelWatch

There have been some complaints about the new features not working on the original Pixel Watch. Some users have indicated that the latest update demands a full reboot. It is possible that the smartwatch needs a complete power cycle to better synchronize its sensors with the new software.

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