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AI is no longer a thing of dreams. In 2024, it is more real than it has ever been, and every major tech company is trying to get their grubby mitts into the AI cookie jar. Google is one of the companies that is less surprising to see involved, and their Gemini model’s integration is coming along quite nicely.

The next place you can expect to find Google Gemini is built into the Google Messages app, which will make it resemble Snapchat’s AI or Twitter’s Grok, by providing an easy text interface through which you can interact with the chatbot.

Google’s Gemini Assistant Is Going To Land In Google Messages Very Soon

Google Messages Is Going To Have Built-In Gemini Soon 5
Image: Google

If you have a beta version of Google Messages running on your Android phone, then you might have seen the Gemini assistant built into the app already. If you don’t have the beta though, we’ll tell you what you can expect though.

Thanks to the people at TheSpAndroid, we know about how Gemini is expected to work in Google Messages. The experience there is rather similar to when you use Gemini from your web browser or in the Google app. You ask Gemini a question or make a request, and it performs it. You ask it to write code for you or generate an image for you, and it’ll do either one just fine. It can even respond to emojis or message reactions that you send, which is cool.

Google Messages Is Going To Have Built-In Gemini Soon 6
Image: TheSpAndroid
Google Messages Is Going To Have Built-In Gemini Soon 7
Image: TheSpAndroid
Google Messages Is Going To Have Built-In Gemini Soon 8
Image: TheSpAndroid

Of course, one major advantage of Gemini over other AI chatbots for Android users is that it integrates well with other Google services like Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Flights, and so on. It has the potential to be Google Assistant on steroids, and I bet that once it is fully developed, it’ll likely phase out Assistant (eventually).

This is a pretty brilliant way to implement Gemini, as it is extremely convenient, and it’ll probably help Google win back some of the Android text messaging app market share. We’re not sure when it’ll be ready for wide release, but it shouldn’t be more than a few months from now.

Gemini Isn’t Going To Be Supported In Group Chats

If you think it’d be cool to have you and your friends interacting with Gemini in a group chat, I think the same. It won’t work though. Google has said that it’s not meant to be used in group chats, and if you add Gemini to a group, it’ll politely leave the group by itself.

Gemini Will Be Able To Tell You What It Thinks Of Image Files

Google Messages Is Going To Have Built-In Gemini Soon 9
Image: TheSpAndroid

From initial tests from TheSpAndroid, it seemed like Gemini couldn’t process image files that were sent to it for interpretation, simply replying with “I can’t process this file.”. However, in response to Android Authority’s report on this, a Google spokesperson came to say that Gemini will indeed be able to process image files.

However, it will only be able to handle certain file types, such as JPG, PNG, and WebP. It won’t be able to interpret what’s in a video or a GIF file though.

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