Google Messages is the company’s primary SMS/RCS messaging platform. It’s been getting improvements over the last few months, making it much more than just a messaging platform. According to a new report, Google Messages will allow people to record three-second-long selfie GIFs.

This is a new addition that comes shortly after the company added a custom camera to Google Messages. Previously, Google used your device’s native camera to take pictures. However, the company created a custom camera interface that will be the same across devices. This will allow Google to update and improve the Google Messages camera experience.

Since this is a new update, there’s a chance that you won’t see it on your phone just yet. So, if you don’t see it, you may have to wait a bit. We were not able to see the feature on our phones here at Android Headlines.

In order to make your selfie GIF, simply open the conversation and hold your finger down on the camera icon. At that point, the app will start recording the GIF. The recording will be capped at three seconds.

After you make the recording, the app will save it to your camera roll so that you can send it to that person or other people. Also, you will be able to share it on social media.

Another way of creating and sending a selfie GIF is going into a conversation and tapping on the prompt. So, Google will clearly indicate how to make a GIF.

This is a fun way of interacting with friends and family. You will be able to send a short video of yourself reacting to the conversation or just goofing off.

There are more changes coming to Google Messages at the moment. For example, by popular demand, Google Messages is working on bringing back the single-line text field. Earlier this year, the company introduced a double-line text field, and users responded to it negatively. So, the company doubled back.

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