Renders of the Google Pixel 9 Android smartphone based on leaked information

(Image credit: OnLeaks / 91Mobiles)

Google’s Pixel lineup is almost certainly set to expand later this year with the introduction of new Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro smartphones — especially with the success of its Pixel 8 series offerings in 2023.

Even though it feels like those phones have only just hit store shelves, rumors of the design, features, and specifications of the upcoming Pixel 9 series are already in circulation. From the smallest rumors cited via reputable sources to sweeping changes reportedly coming the Pixel 9’s way, here’s where we at Laptop Mag will collate the latest news on Google’s future smartphone alongside up-to-date information on its development and potential release date.

So, bookmark this page and check back often for the latest news, speculation, and rumors as we go through everything we know about the Google Pixel 9.

Google Pixel 9 rumors: Release date and price speculation

Renders of the Google Pixel 9 Android smartphone based on leaked information

(Image credit: OnLeaks / 91Mobiles)

Google is solidly reliable when it comes to releasing new hardware, especially when it comes to their smartphone lineup. Every Pixel phone to date has been released within October, typically favoring Thursday of the third week of the month.

With this in mind, we’d speculate that Google will offer us a sneak peek at the Pixel 9 during September’s Made By Google event, with the smartphone likely to be revealed in full during a Google Pixel event in early October where the phone will be made available for preorder. Following this, the Pixel 9 would likely be available for full purchase on Oct. 18.

As for its launch price, the Pixel phone’s cost has fluctuated over the years and last year’s Pixel 8 was subject to a $100 bump in MSRP. However, Google isn’t typically associated with back-to-back price increases for the Pixel lineup. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but with the Pixel 8a and Pixel 9 Pro at either end of the Pixel pricing scale, it likely makes sense for the Pixel 9 to remain at the base model’s current $699 asking price. 

Google Pixel 9 rumors: Design

Image of the Google Pixel 8 Android smartphone next to a render of the Google Pixel 9 Android smartphone based on leaked information

(Image credit: OnLeaks / 91Mobiles)

If current rumors prove true, the Pixel 9’s design could be one of the biggest changes to the smartphone since the Pixel 6.

Recently leaked renders of the Pixel 9, provided through a collaboration between reliable tipsters OnLeaks and 91Mobiles, showcase a radical redesign for the smartphone — waving goodbye to the iconic camera bar and fielding a flat-edge, chromed rim similar to the iPhone 15.

In the place of the camera bar is a more traditional camera island, housing a three-camera array with an LED flash and potentially the same temperature sensor introduced with the Pixel 8 Pro.

The leaked images also indicate that the Pixel 9 will feature a smaller 6.1-inch flat-panel OLED display with trimmer bezels, though retaining the same punch-hole camera as seen in current models. The dimensions of the phone will reportedly be 6.01 x 2.83 x 0.33 inches, with the depth peaking at 0.8 inches with the camera island included.

The new camera island design has been seemingly backed up by leaked case images that follow the same design as the previously leaked images. 

Google Pixel 9 rumors: Specifications

Renders of the Google Pixel 9 Android smartphone based on leaked information

(Image credit: OnLeaks / 91Mobiles)

The Pixel 9 series of smartphones will no doubt make the jump to a new Tensor G4 chipset, though how much of an impact this will make on the device’s overall performance is as of yet unknown.

According to one leak, the Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 processor was originally set to be a “fully custom” SoC going by the code name “Redondo.” However, due to time constraints, this is reportedly not the case anymore.

Instead, Google is apparently working on the Tensor G4 under the code name “Zuma Pro,” which could be a less dramatic upgrade over the current Tensor G3 chip found in the Pixel 8 series of phones whose code name was “Zuma.”

It seems that Google’s plans for a custom SoC will have to wait for the future Pixel 10. Though, with ideas already in mind for a next-gen “Laguna Beach” chipset to feature in that generation of Pixel devices, the “Redondo” chip may have found itself redundant-o.

We do know that the Tensor G4 processor may be used to power a new AI assistant for Pixel devices called “Pixie.” The onboard assistant would likely be powered by Google’s Gemini multi-modal AI model, and offer a more personalized virtual assistant experience. 

Google Pixel 9 rumors: Camera

Renders of the Google Pixel 9 Android smartphone based on leaked information

(Image credit: OnLeaks / 91Mobiles)

The aforementioned leaked renders of the Pixel 9 showcased a new camera island, but most interestingly was the fact that it now housed three image sensors. It’s unknown at this time if two of those sensors will be the same 50MP main and 12MP Ultra-wide lens found in the Pixel 8. However, it has been reported that the third lens will be a telephoto sensor.

Telephoto sensors have become a big draw for smartphone users in the last few years, and the Pixel 8 Pro offered a 48MP variant with 5x optical zoom — similar to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features a mighty 10x optical zoom for its telephoto lens, allowing for up to 100x digital zoom.

Could we see the base Pixel 9 model inherit the Pro’s 5x telephoto lens, only for the Pixel 9 Pro to adopt similar 10x super-zoom capabilities to Samsung’s flagship smartphone? We can’t say for sure, but there’s no harm in hoping.


The Google Pixel 9 is already shaping up to be a considerable upgrade on the already impressive Pixel 8. With a new telephoto lens, overhauled design, new Tensor G4 processor, and a potential Google Assistant replacement in “Pixie,” we could be looking at the biggest Pixel announcement and the boldest steps made by Google to gain traction in the smartphone market in recent years.

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Google Pixel 9 rumors: specs, leaks, renders and release date

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