Google teases I/O 2024 with ‘Break the loop’ puzzle

The road to Google I/O 2024 is underway this morning with a puzzle to figure out the date for the developer conference.

You’re supposed to “Twist, turn, and teleport your way to the finish line with our developer community to reveal the I/O 2024 date.”

It involves placing a variety of tiles on the grid to create a path for your marble in an elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque machine made by Aperture Science — you’ll see.

You then run it to see the route in 3D. All the pieces have to be used, while there are cool videos to download and share after each round.

There are 15 levels that get progressively harder, while a nice soundtrack backs the entire game.

Check out settings in the top-right corner to switch between light and dark modes, reduce motion, or turn off audio.

Quite a few people have to complete all 15 rounds of this puzzle before the progress bar is filled and Google reveals the I/O 2024 date.

As the community progresses, this progress bar will fill. Once it’s filled, we’ll release the date.

Spoilers: The gallery below shows the solution for each puzzle as we solved them.


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