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Google Tensor G4 could have better heat and power management – Phandroid

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Google Tensor G4 could have better heat and power management – Phandroid

Google will be launching the Pixel 9 smartphones later this year. The Tensor G4 chipset will be the chipset of choice for these devices. Now according to the latest leaks, some details about the Tensor G4 have surfaced, giving us an idea of what we might be able to expect from the upcoming chipset.

According to the leaks, the G4 will come with some improvements to both heat and power management. This basically means that they should be able to run cooler while also being better when it comes to battery life. The G4 is also rumored to be manufactured by Samsung’s foundry and is said to be built on the 4nm process.

So far it sounds like the G4 will be a modest upgrade over the G3. What we are really looking forward to is the Tensor G5. This is the chipset that will power the Pixel 10 series. We are excited for this because it will be the first “true” custom Tensor chipset from Google. The company is expected to largely replace the components in the chipset with components they’ve designed themselves.

This will give the company greater control over how the phone works and also provide the most optimized version of Android. This will bring Google one step closer to Apple territory. This isn’t to say you should skip the Pixel 9. There will probably be a ton of new features and improvements worth checking out.

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