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  • Google is giving users the ability to create custom Gemini-powered AI chatbots meant for specific purposes.
  • These custom chatbots are called “Gems.”
  • Gems will be available to Gemini Advanced subscribers “soon.”

Google is holding its live I/O event today, and as expected, there have been plenty of AI announcements. One such announcement seems to be an answer to OpenAI’s GPT Store.

The Mountain View-based firm revealed that Gemini will soon allow users to create custom Gemini-powered AI assistants with varying personalities. Google calls these chatbots “Gems” and they can be tuned in a way to help you with specific tasks.

Whether you need a yoga bestie or calculus tutor, in the coming months you’ll be able to customize Gemini, saving time when you have specific ways you interact with Gemini again and again. We’re calling these Gems. #GoogleIO

You can create a Gem to help you out with your workouts. All you have to do to create a Gem is tell Gemini what to do and how you want it to respond. For example, you can tell it to be your lifting coach and to provide you with a lifting schedule. Gemini will then create a Gem for you to use.

All of this sounds very similar to the custom chatbots (GPTs) OpenAI lets users create. Google says that Gems will be coming “soon” to Gemini Advanced users.

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