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  • Google released a teaser video showcasing Gemini, its AI chatbot, effortlessly responding to both voice and video inputs.
  • The teaser dropped just hours before OpenAI demonstrated ChatGPT-4o, exhibiting impressive conversational fluency and understanding.

The AI chatbot wars are heating up, with OpenAI and Google locked in an intense battle for dominance. Just hours before Google’s annual I/O conference, the tech giant posted a video showcasing a possibly updated version of the Gemini chatbot, which can be seen processing both live video input and spoken prompts.

The demo, seemingly filmed during the I/O setup, showcased Gemini on a Pixel device, seamlessly processing live video and spoken questions to deliver accurate information. When asked about the ongoing preparations, Gemini identified them as arrangements for a major event.

The conversation flowed naturally, with Gemini inquiring about details that caught the user’s eye, ultimately revealing the event as Google I/O and offering a concise description.

Google Gemini teaser using video input

Google’s timing for this teaser was impeccable, strategically dropping just hours before OpenAI’s much-anticipated announcements regarding ChatGPT upgrades.

If you haven’t heard, OpenAI’s demonstration of ChatGPT-4o was nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the AI’s ability to understand and converse with an unparalleled level of fluency and coherence.

While past experience might make us approach demo videos with a healthy dose of skepticism, today’s showcases undeniably confirmed the seamless integration of voice and video inputs in these AI chatbots. This multimodal capability, combined with the remarkably natural flow of conversation, feels like a glimpse into the future of AI interaction.

With anticipation building, we eagerly await Google’s I/O Keynote tomorrow, where the company is expected to unveil new AI features and updates to Gemini.

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