Samsung unveiled its new TV lineup earlier today, and it consists of QLED TVs, Neo QLED TVs (4K and 8K), OLED TVs, and Micro LED TVs. All these new TVs bring several new features, including better integration with Samsung’s smartphones and other ecosystem products and services from the company, all thanks to a newer version of Tizen OS (based on Linux).

As usual, it features support for SmartThings Hub and Matter, allowing you to control compatible smart home devices from a TV. Let us have a look at all the new features of Tizen OS 2024.

Tizen OS 2024 brings AI and improved integration with Samsung’s ecosystem of products

The 2024 version of Tizen OS, which debuted on Samsung’s new TV lineup for this year, brings several new features and an updated user interface design. It brings focus to the content itself, offering personalized content to each family member, thanks to integration with Samsung Account ID. It remembers what each member has watched and their content preferences and uses that to recommend similar content that they might like.

The updated version of Samsung TV Plus, the company’s free and ad-supported video streaming service, has a new UI design as well. It has a new home screen with an overview of the available and top content, added categories, and improved content discovery. It also connects to a user’s Samsung Account ID for better content recommendations.

Samsung also unveiled the ‘Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub’ partner accessory certification program. Accessories with this new certification are tested for performance, quality, and reliability with Samsung’s smart TVs and smart monitors that feature Samsung Gaming Hub. PDP Replay Midnight Blue is the first such accessory, and it is a wireless gaming controller with an Xbox Controller-like layout, a 40-hour battery life, a 30-feet Bluetooth LE wireless connection, and USB Type-C charging.

New gaming features include Game Bar 4.0, which can display several gaming-related metrics, like ALLM, VRR, resolution, and more, in a handy space. The AI Auto Setting feature of Game Bar 4.0 can also automatically detect a game genre and adjust picture quality accordingly. It can detect a mini-map in a game and move it to a different location. The new version of Samsung Gaming Hub syncs with a user’s Samsung Account ID to offer personalized recommendations for games.

2024 version of Tizen OS offers better Samsung Health and SmartThings integration on Samsung TVs

Samsung Daily Plus TV Lineup 2024

Through Samsung Daily+, the new version of Tizen also offers better integration with Samsung Health, offering more fitness content and Workout Tracker. Workout Tracker displays live exercise data, including heart rate and workout duration, from a user’s Galaxy Watch on the TV. The data is displayed on top of the video that is being played, keeping users entertained and informed. Samsung has also added high-quality workout videos from FlexIt (live one-on-one workout sessions), F45 (HIIT workouts and wellness challenges), and TechnoGym (fitness and wellness videos).

Dr.Tail integration brings real-time video consultation with veterinary doctors for users’ pets.

Mobile Smart Connect is a way to control apps and services on Samsung’s new TVs using a smartphone. The SmartThings Mobile Plugin turns a phone into a customizable remote controller, even allowing the phone to be used as a touchscreen-based wireless gaming controller. Vibrary is a new feature that displays a user’s favorite artist’s images in high quality when the Ambient Mode is turned on. Users can also cast images and videos from their phones on the TV. 360 Audio is also included in the newer version of Tizen OS for TVs. It brings spatial audio when a compatible game, music, or video is being played through compatible Samsung Galaxy Buds.

It also brings three new accessibility features to Samsung’s new TVs: Audio Subtitle, Relumino Together Mode, and Remote For Barrier Free. Audio Subtitle is the world’s first smart TV feature that uses AI and OCR to read built-in subtitles and read them out in real-time. Relumino Together Mode enables people with low vision to watch content. It outlines the edges of on-screen elements and offers rebalancing colors, and that content is visible side-by-side with normal content. It makes watching content for people with low vision and their family members at the same time.

On The Frame TV (and other similar lifestyle TVs), Tizen OS 2024 brings a variable refresh rate when displaying art pieces, reducing energy consumption costs by 10%. The 2024 version of Q-Symphony allows a Samsung TV to be paired with multiple wireless speakers (like Samsung Music Frame) and soundbars for more immersive content. The earlier version of the technology only allows one soundbar to be paired with the TV. It isn’t clear if this new version of Tizen will be released to older TVs.

In the meantime, have a look at our hands-on video of Samsung’s flagship 98-inch Neo QLED TV from last year.

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Here’s what 2024 version of Tizen OS brings to Samsung’s TVs

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