The Galaxy S24 series is Samsung’s answer to anyone who thought the company got too comfortable with its success. The South Korean company’s foldable phones are also in dire need of a glow-up and looking at new renders whipped up by leaker David Kowalski and Pigtou, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will steal back the spotlight from bendable phones made by Chinese companies.

Samsung had had enough of fat shaming, suggests a patent filed by the company. Its next phone could be notably thinner. The company isn’t blindly going to chase supermodel proportions though as it has apparently realized that most people aren’t big fans of tall foldable phones.

Per today’s report, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is going to be wider than the current iteration, with bigger outer and inner screens and different aspect ratios than before, echoing earlier reports

Samsung may also design a new hinge module to make sure that the thinner profile doesn’t impact the durability of the device. The company seems to be exploring a detent hinge with multiple housings centered around it symmetrically. This way, the load on the screen will be distributed evenly. 

The detent hinge will presumably provide stable stopping points so that users will get tactile feedback when folding or unfolding the phone. 

Lastly, the renders based on the patent also show a new camera array design, with modules placed directly on the back of the device, though it’s not clear if this bit is also based on inside information.

While the actual Galaxy Z Fold 6 design may not match this patent to the T, there’s a high probability that it will be thinner and wider. The change in dimensions, along with a possible reduction in price, could help Samsung reassert its dominance in the foldable market. 

Leaked photos show ‘completely redesigned’ Galaxy Z Fold 6

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