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Samsung’s security update for the Galaxy S24 series in May is finally here, confirmed by the ever-so-trusty Android resources. The massive bulk of the update? Bugs. Just lots of bugs. Several of which are quite high in priority. And no, your long-awaited camera update is still nowhere in sight.

Overall Update Summary

May Update For Galaxy S24 Is Mostly Bugfixes 5
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While Samsung is known for releasing monthly security patches ahead of its competitors, including Google’s Pixel devices, this May 2024 update has arrived slightly later than usual. However, the delay appears to be warranted, given the sheer number of security issues the update aims to resolve. Specifically, the fixes tackle an impressive total of 25 Samsung-related security vulnerabilities in total (28 Google-general related). At least a few were given “critical,” while a lot more were deemed “high” in level.

For example, at least one of the critical issues addressed in this update included a high-risk bootloader authentication bypass potentially letting attackers with physical access gain full control of affected devices. Another is an authentication issue in the Setup Wizard that could enable unauthorized device access. There is even an out-of-bounds write vulnerability that could allow malicious code execution. Keep in mind that these bugs are across several Galaxy series models, and are not restricted to the S24.

If these descriptions are starting to scare you, don’t fret. The aforementioned issues are already resolved by the time you read them here, with the specific fixes for each detailed in Samsung’s official security bulletin.

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Not the Update Expected?

May Update For Galaxy S24 Is Mostly Bugfixes 6
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Although the primary focus of the May update is on security enhancements, some Galaxy S24 users may be left wanting more in terms of new features and performance improvements. Before the update’s release, people were hoping for a huge camera update for the Galaxy S24, which unfortunately was rumored to be still on hold for the foreseeable future.

Even more unfortunate, since the May update already rolled out, this eagerly-awaited camera update would now be inevitably pushed to a summer deadline. No telephoto camera image processing optimization yet, folks.

Meanwhile, the same development timeline also warrants eager anticipation for the next iteration of Samsung’s custom Android skin, One UI 7, based on Android 15. While details about One UI 7 are scarce at the moment, enthusiasts have already started speculating about its possible release in the next few months. If confirmed, this means more new features, performance improvements, and design changes for the S24 series within the same year.

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Rollout Details

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Source: Samsung

Samsung’s May 2024 security update sets AT&T and T-Mobile customers in the U.S. as the first to receive the patch. It should reach more cellular providers and unlocked devices across the U.S. and Europe in the coming days, with an even wider rollout after that. The update package, which weighs a little more than 500MB, can be manually checked and installed by navigating to Settings > Software update > Download and install on Galaxy S24 devices specifically.

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