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Recently, we reported a peek at the UI of the Google Bard AI assistant while the official launch date is still kept under wraps. A new report suggests that there are multiple new features under development for the Google Bard AI chatbot. All these new Google Bard chatbots’ new features were found hiding on Google Bard’s website.

According to Dylan Roussel on X (formerly known as Twitter), the first feature lets you ‘Create Bots‘. Apart from its codename ‘Motoko‘, not much is known about this feature for Google Bard. It is speculated that the ‘Motoko’ could be something similar to OpenAI’s custom GPTs.

The next feature is ‘Gallery‘ and the image describes the feature as a way to “Explore different topics to see what you can do with Bard.” This could mean that users can look at example prompts based on various topics and search the results.

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Google is also working on a feature where users can make use of AI to generate better prompts

There is a ‘Tasks‘ feature as well, but its functionality is not known at the moment. Dylan predicts that this feature could be used for long-running processes, such as generating a photo. Dylan also spotted a new sharing option that will allow users to create a public link to share Bard queries with others. Moreover, it will also allow users to set the background and foreground of the shared link.

Finally, the last Google Bard AI assistant feature that was spotted on the website is called ‘Power Up‘. According to Dylan, this could allow users to improve their prompts for a better and more precise outcome, where AI could help them expand their searches. So, if you aren’t someone who can come up with a correct prompt on your own, you could use this feature to let AI complete the search for you.

Multiple new features to be in development for the Google Bard chatbot

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