New codenames suggest Pixel Tablet 2 may be in the works

Two new codenames have surfaced in the latest Android beta release, both of which suggest that a next-generation Pixel Tablet 2 is in development.

While the Pixel Tablet was in development, it went by two different codenames internally – “Tangor” and later “Tangorpro.” The latter is what was eventually released last year as the Pixel Tablet. Meanwhile, at the time, our team had also seen signs of “Citron” alongside the tablet, though we’ve not been able to confirm what that device would have been.

Continuing that theme, there were also two versions of the Pixel Tablet’s bundled dock in development – “Korlan” and “Yuzu.” While only one style of dock was ever released, it seems Google once intended to offer a charging-only dock for the Pixel Tablet. The overarching theme of the Pixel Tablet series’ codenames thus far has been fruits, especially those in the citrus family.

Today, Google released the first beta of Android 14 QPR3 for its Pixel phones, and our team has been digging into what’s new both on the surface and deep within the code.

Hidden in the code, we’ve uncovered a list of current and future Pixel devices. Alongside many familiar Pixel phone codenames are two previously unseen entries – “Clementine” and “Kiyomi.”

Now, it’s time for a citrus diversion. In horticulture, a tangor generally refers to a hybrid resulting from combining a sweet orange with another citrus fruit. The clementine is a common example of a tangor grown around the world, while a Kiyomi is a tangor hybrid that originated in Japan.

For now, there isn’t any clear indication in Android 14 QPR3 about what kinds of devices Clementine and Kiyomi will be. However, we believe this citrus connection indicates that we’re looking at the first signs of a Pixel Tablet 2 in development. That said, given the limited amount of evidence available, these sweet predictions could sour later on.

What would you want to see from a potential Pixel Tablet 2? More productivity? A better camera? Let us know in the comments below.

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New codenames suggest Pixel Tablet 2 may be in the works

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