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The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum and mop with the All-in-One Clean Station with Auto Steam.

Samsung is continuing its integration of artificial intelligence into its smart home devices, and the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is one of its latest devices that will feature the technology. If you’re interested in this AI-powered robot vacuum and mop, the good news is that it’s already available with a discount during preorders from Samsung. Instead of $1,400, you’ll only have to pay $1,100 for savings of $300. It’s still relatively expensive compared to most robot vacuum deals, but it’s worth it for all the benefits that you’ll get from this cleaning machine.

Why you should buy the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum and mop

AI is already in your smart home network through applications such as digital assistants, so why not utilize the technology to make your household chores easier? The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is an excellent example of how AI can simplify your daily tasks. Its All-in-One Clean Station with Auto Steam automatically cleans its mop pads using steam and hot water, empties its dust bin, refills water levels, and recharges the battery to minimize the hassle of using the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo. It also has a Floor Detect feature that selects optimal settings depending on the type of floor being cleaned.

Similar to the best robot vacuums, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo features LiDAR navigation with 3D mapping, which allows it to clean every room in your home with precision as you can set areas that it should focus on and skip. The robot vacuum and mop will also be able to avoid any obstacles that it may come across, including furniture and stairs.

If you want to take advantage of the power of AI to keep your home clean, you should check out the Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo. It’s open for reservations from Samsung ahead of its release date, but it’s already available with a $300 discount on its sticker price of $1,400. That means you’ll only have to pay $1,100 for this cleaning device, which is a reasonable price for all the convenience that it will provide to your household. You better hurry with your purchase if you’re interested though, as we’re not sure how much time is remaining before this offer expires.

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Get this Roomba robot vacuum for $160 instead of the usual $275

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum cleaning a foyer.

Crutchfield is currently selling an iRobot Roomba 694 robot vacuum for a fantastic discount. Usually costing $275, it’s down to just $160 for a very limited time only. One of the best robot vacuum deals around, the sale is only on until March 16 so you haven’t got long to snap one up. If you’re keen to streamline the cleaning process at home, check it out now before the sale ends.

Why you should buy the iRobot Roomba 694 robot vacuum
The Roomba range provides some of the best robot vacuums around meaning it’s the perfect brand to consider. With the iRobot Roomba 694, you get a 3-stage cleaning system with an edge-sweeping brush, dual roller brushes, and powerful suction. Alongside that, there are Dirt Detect sensors that inform it when it needs to give more attention to dirtier parts of your home.

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Samsung’s “Spring Sale” has washers and dryers from just $499

Samsung Washer and Dryer in a house.

No matter how lazy or unkempt you’re willing to be, there’s something about the coming of spring that screams it is time to start cleaning. While covering Samsung Spring Sale deals, active now through March 10th, we’ve found incredible deals on washers and dryers. It’s a big boon in an otherwise terrible month to buy appliances, as we usually don’t expect good spring sales until… well, spring, which starts much later in the month. So, if you’re in need of a washer and dryer and want a discount, Samsung is the place to shop this early March.
The best Samsung Spring Sale washer deals

Samsung washers tend to have an emphasis on quality and longevity over getting you the cheapest price possible. You’re also likely to find some technological advances that you weren’t necessarily expecting. For example, one feature you’ll see is “AI Optiwash.” This uses an AI system to detect the type of clothing you’re putting in and automatically set your washer’s settings to compliment it. Dense and soaked towels need a different style of wash than your tighty-whities, after all. Interestingly, Samsung offers both front-load and top-load washers, so you can pick your preference.

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Fun fact: Samsung makes robot vacuums, and this one is $200 off

Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum with Intelligent Power Control mapping a room.

The Samsung Spring Sale is in full swing from now to March 10th, giving you the opportunity to buy all kinds of exciting high-tech gadgetry at a fraction of the normal price. As part of it, we’re finding some great robot vacuum deals, including this one on Samsung’s Jet Bot+. As with all of the best robot vacuums, this cleaner comes with a dumping and charging station, an advanced cleaning algorithm, and some other cool features that make it stand out. Right now, it can be yours for just $600, which is $200 down from its usual $800 price. Tap the button below to see it for yourself or keep reading to get all of the details about the this incredibly easy way to keep your floor dust and debris free.

Why you should buy the Samsung Jet Bot+
How should you evaluate if a robot vacuum is right for you? In our guide to choosing a robot vacuum, we lay out a number of features commonly seen on robot vacuums. Two key ones that we see on the Samsung Jet Bot+ are “sensory sophistication and virtual mapping” and “automatic dirt disposal.” The former is powered by a FiDAR Sensor that precisely maps your floor plan, and can be boosted by using no-go zones, keeping your robot vacuum in the key areas of the home you actually want it in. The latter, automatic dirt disposal, is considered essentially mandatory and is achieved via the bot’s clean station. This station uses pulses to air to suck the dust from your vacuum into its holding chamber. A sort of vacuum for your vacuum, if you will.

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