As has become something of a weekly ritual recently, the Pixel 8a has leaked again, but what separates this leak from earlier images is that they are the most high-resolution photos we have seen yet. It almost feels as if the earlier pictures didn’t accurately portray the design of the phone. 

Posted by ace leaker Evan Blass on social media website X, the images show Google’s next mid-tier phone in all the four rumored colors – Obsidian (black), Porcelain, Bay (blue), and Mint (green).

As alleged real-life photos and leaked renders have previously shown, the phone has curved corners, a sharp departure from from the Pixel 7a‘s boxy design.

When the design first leaked back in October, I thought it looked bland, but as more and more leaks emerge, it’s becoming clear that the pronounced curves look good on the phone. And aesthetics aside, the design will make the phone feel more compact than it is so you will be able to use it more comfortably. 

No one is going to be a fan of the phone’s noticeable bezels though, particularly the chunky bottom one, but that’s just how things are with Google’s budget phones.

The phone’s rear has a matte finish, which gives it a slightly muted look compared to the glossy Pixel 7a

It’s looking increasingly likely that the phone’s price will go up again this year which can erode its identity as a budget handset. Whether it will also be supported for seven years like the Pixel 8 is not known.

Anam Hamid is a computer scientist turned tech journalist who has a keen interest in the tech world, with a particular focus on smartphones and tablets. She has previously written for Android Headlines and has also been a ghostwriter for several tech and car publications. Anam is not a tech hoarder and believes in using her gadgets for as long as possible. She is concerned about smartphone addiction and its impact on future generations, but she also appreciates the convenience that phones have brought into our lives. Anam is excited about technological advancements like folding screens and under-display sensors, and she often wonders about the future of technology. She values the overall experience of a device more than its individual specs and admires companies that deliver durable, high-quality products. In her free time, Anam enjoys reading, scrolling through Reddit and Instagram, and occasionally refreshing her programming skills through tutorials.

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