Report: Google Tensor G4 to improve heat management and power efficiency

According to a new report out of Korea, Google Tensor G4 will be adopting a newer packaging method from Samsung which may improve power efficiency and heat management.

Financial News reports citing “industry sources” that Google and Samsung are working together on Tensor G4, as expected, but that the chip will be using Samsung’s latest 4nm process and packaging method.

Specifically, Tensor G4 would be using a newer FOWLP (Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging) method. The end result, the report claims, will be improved heat management and power efficiency over last time around.

Tensor G3 also notably used a version of this method which seemingly contributed to its improved heat management.

It’s been previously reported that Tensor G4 will be a minor upgrade over the existing G3 chip, and if heat and power efficiency are among the main improvements, it’s certainly good news. Meanwhile, Google is reportedly gearing up to move away from Samsung entirely with the release of Tensor G5 in 2025’s Pixel 10 series. That chip would move over to TSMC, which is known for better power efficiency as demonstrated by chips designed by Qualcomm and MediaTek but produced by TSMC.

Google Tensor G4 is expected to be used in the Pixel 9 series as well as Pixel Fold 2.

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