Samsung could soon launch a 50W “Super-Fast Charging Adapter”. It would be capable of delivering 50 Watts of power via dual USB-C ports. The first-party fast charger may be available in the European Union before launching in other markets.

Specifications of Samsung 50W “Super-Fast Charging Adapter”

There’s no dearth of “smart chargers” and “fast chargers” in the market. Chargers capable of reaching 65W, 120W, and even 200W are now readily available.

Most buyers, and even smartphone brands, however, prefer official chargers that are either provided or recommended by smartphone manufacturers. Perhaps realizing the demand for an after-market first-party charger, Samsung may soon unveil a new 50W fast charger.

The new Samsung 50W Super-Fast Charging Adapter, bearing model number EP-T5020, has leaked online. According to a report, the charger packs Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology.

Samsung EP-T5020 50W Super Fast Charging Adapter is finally coming to market (the one I talked about months ago). 2 USB-C ports, 25/50W charging. MSRP is 69,90 Euro, it seems.

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) April 24, 2024

What this means is that the Samsung charger would run internal calculations per the connected smartphone. PPS is an intelligent charging standard that precisely controls voltage and current while minimizing conversion losses.

In other words, chargers that rely on PPS aren’t clamoring to be the fastest. The USB PD (Power Delivery) PPS protocol prioritizes device safety, compatibility, and efficiency. Instead of pushing the most current at the highest possible voltage, these chargers try to preserve battery health and minimize heat generation.

Will buyers pay a steep premium for a Samsung charger?

The Samsung 50W Super-Fast Charging Adapter appears to have two USB-C ports. Collectively, these USB-C ports are capable of delivering 50W.

If buyers choose to utilize a single port, the charger would deliver 50W. If both the USB-C ports have to deliver power, then the output gets divided into just 25W each.

Samsung Charger Duo 50W (2x USB-C wired fast charger) EP-T5020 incoming.

and they’ll have an updated 45W charger as well, EP-T4511 (old one is EP-T4510)

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) January 4, 2024

Needless to say, even if the leaked Samsung charger has two USB-C ports, buyers would truly benefit if they used one port, leaving the other one empty. Despite this obvious limitation, Samsung may ask for €69.90 for the charger, claims the leak.

Even if this is an original Samsung accessory, it could be difficult to justify the alleged lofty price tag. Moreover, there are several third-party PPS chargers from reliable and reputed brands that are available at very attractive prices.

Incidentally, Samsung currently offers a 65W charger that has a single USB-A and two USB-C ports. Interestingly, even this charger can deliver the promised 65W only if buyers plug in a single device. Samsung has disclosed that this adapter can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously at 65W maximum with a total output power divided as 35W, 25W, and 5W.

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