Today Samsung has announced that it’s bringing Galaxy AI features to its smartwatches with the upcoming release of One UI 6 Watch, its skin on top of what we have to assume is Wear OS 5. The latest version of the OS for wearables was unveiled by Google earlier this month, and now Samsung is letting us know what features its iteration will come with.

So, let’s dive right in. Galaxy AI will help the platform give you “more comprehensive health insights”, Samsung says, “along with motivational encouragement to help you improve your daily wellness”.

Samsung announces One UI 6 Watch with Galaxy AI features for its wearables

The Energy Score will help you better understand your daily condition through a combined analysis of personal health metrics which include sleep time average and consistency, wake time consistency, sleep timing, previous day activity, sleeping heart rate and heart rate variability. This sounds just like Garmin’s Body Battery, but it’s good to see the feature expand to another platform.

Wellness Tips will give you insights, motivational tips, and guidance based on the specific goal you’re trying to achieve.

Samsung announces One UI 6 Watch with Galaxy AI features for its wearables

Aside from these new features, the One UI 6 Watch update will bring with it enhanced health algorithms and more advanced tracking tools to “provide more holistic, personalized and actionable insights when combined with AI”.

The “sleep AI algorithm” will thus be enhanced “to provide additional in-depth sleep insights”, while newly added sleep indicators for Sleep Insights will give you a more detailed and more accurate analysis of your sleep quality so you can build better habits. The added metrics include movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart rate and respiratory rate during sleep in addition to the previously supported metrics like snoring hours, blood oxygen level, and sleep cycle.

There will also be new detailed Aerobic Threshold / Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate Zone metrics for running, Functional Threshold Power metrics for cyclists, and the new Workout Routine combines various exercises for a personalized workout and seamlessly transitions to the next exercise without stopping.

Samsung announces One UI 6 Watch with Galaxy AI features for its wearables

Finally, the new Race feature compares current and past performance on the same routes for outdoor running and cycling.

Junho Park, VP and Head of the Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, said:

By expanding the power of Galaxy AI across our ecosystem, we’re looking to open up all new possibilities with optimized and connected experiences that offer users greater personalization and intelligence. The introduction of Galaxy AI to Galaxy Watch is just the beginning of this process and we’re excited to showcase even more integrations across our Galaxy portfolio very soon.

The update to One UI 6 Watch will become available “later this year”. A limited beta program will commence in June. One UI 6 Watch will be available to the Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5 Pro, Galaxy Watch6, and Galaxy Watch6 Classic.


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