Samsung confirms Galaxy Ring launch in August as it braces for possible Oura battle

Samsung knows it can develop a good product in the Galaxy Ring, but that means little if companies that hold patent rights, like Oura, are able to stop them from selling Galaxy Rings to users after launch. In prepping for that possible legal battle, Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Ring will be available in August.

Oura is a long-standing manufacturer in the smart ring industry, with its latest release being the Gen 3 Oura Ring. Naturally, the companies that have been around the longest will be king of the hill in terms of legal patents and IPs. According to a recent report from Bloomberg Law, Oura has a track record of suing other smart ring manufacturers as they release new products, claiming that those products infringe on certain IPs the company already holds.

This is a frustrating wall to scale for a lot of companies trying to get a foothold in the market, and Samsung just happens to be sitting at the base of that wall.

The report indicates that Samsung is seeking legal advice from the US District Court in California in preparation for possible lawsuits from Oura regarding the Galaxy Ring prior to launch. This action is to ensure that the Galaxy Ring itself does not infringe on Oura’s patents. In total, there seem to be five separate patents that can be a problem, as they’re all common to the makeup of a generic smart ring.

Many of the issues Oura takes with other companies seem to be commonalities among fitness trackers. That includes the inclusion of batteries in the rings themselves, a “score” to indicate how someone is doing on their fitness goals, and certain health metric sensors. Each of these can be something Oura looks to cite for patent infringement, though Samsung’s appeal could result in a weaker hand from Oura.

The lawsuit filed by Samsung also revealed the launch date of the Galaxy Ring. It notes production of the ring is set to begin in mid-June and goes on to state that “Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Ring in the United States in or around August.”

Indication in a legal document regarding the launch of the Galaxy Ring is a solid start, though the company does stipulate “or around.” For now, sights are set on August for the launch of the company’s first smart ring.

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