Even though no one knows and no one can know for sure at this time exactly what Samsung‘s plans are for its next big product launch event, a Greek tech blog today claims to have learned “all about what’s coming” at this summer’s Unpacked shindig from “very authoritative sources.”

Can we 100 percent trust the information reported by Techmaniacs (and translated here) on the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Watch X (!), Galaxy Ring, and the actual Unpacked event timing? Not really. But we cannot totally discard or disregard it altogether either, even if one important nugget seems to clash with the same detail as revealed by a few different sources in recent months.

Pretty much bad news across the board

No, ladies and gents, we’re afraid this publication’s sources are not very optimistic regarding two aspects of Samsung’s short-term product announcement plans. We’re talking about the launch schedule, and more worryingly, the retail prices of the only two next-gen Galaxy foldables that are now widely expected to see daylight by the end of 2024.

Instead of a previously rumored July 10 date, this summer’s undoubtedly crowded and glamorous Unpacked event is today tipped to take place on July 24 in Paris to be closer to the official start of the 2024 Olympic Games in, you guessed it, the same capital city of France.

Because the Summer Olympics kick off on July 26 this year, we’re pretty sure the translation of the latest Techmaniacs report is a little off, seemingly pointing at a June 24 date for Samsung’s next big Unpacked affair that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

As for what we should expect to see unveiled on July 24, this new report explicitly rejects the possibility of Samsung bringing Z Fold Slim, Z Flip Slim, Fold FE, or Flip FE variants any earlier than next year. That leaves us waiting for largely repetitive “standard” Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 models with… higher prices than their predecessors for some reason.

That’s right, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is rumored to cost €100 more in Europe (and, presumably, $100 more stateside) than the Z Fold 5 with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor as its only hardware upgrade and a major focus on Galaxy AI features and skills as a key selling point.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6, meanwhile, could also be priced €100/$100 higher than the Z Flip 5 with the same improved chipset under the hood, same artificial intelligence focus, and an upgraded 50MP primary rear-facing camera. Will that be enough to justify a price increase in a more crowded and competitive market segment than ever? Only time can tell, but for now, we’re not extremely optimistic for Samsung.

X marks… the Apple Watch Ultra rival

Do you know that first-of-a-kind premium smartwatch everyone seemed to agree would be called Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra or simply Galaxy Watch Ultra? This publication actually expects it to go official as the Samsung Galaxy Watch X and offer massively increased battery life compared to last year’s Galaxy Watch 6 family, as well as improved water resistance.

Together with the Galaxy Watch X, Samsung is obviously likely to unveil a “regular” Galaxy Watch 7 and potentially a budget-friendly new Galaxy Watch FE at the same Unpacked event as the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 in July.

Last but certainly not least, the groundbreaking Galaxy Ring is expected to get a second announcement with more details on capabilities and availability in Paris in a couple of months, even though a European release shortly after that reportedly seems unlikely. That doesn’t completely rule out a (limited) commercial debut of some sort in the US in August or September, but it’s probably wise to continue to keep our expectations down for this radical new type of Galaxy wearable.

Adrian, a mobile technology enthusiast since the Nokia 3310 era, has been a dynamic presence in the tech journalism field, contributing to Android Authority, Digital Trends, and Pocketnow before joining PhoneArena in 2018. His expertise spans across various platforms, with a particular fondness for the diversity of the Android ecosystem. Despite the challenges of balancing full-time parenthood with his work, Adrian’s passion for tech trends, running, and movies keeps him energized. His commitment to mid-range smartphones has led to an eclectic collection of devices, saved from personal bankruptcy by his preference for ‘adequate’ over ‘overpriced’.

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