an image of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra launched in 2024 (Image credit: Future / Roland Moore-Colyer)

We’re still a ways away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S25 – early 2025 is the best bet for a launch date – but that’s not going to stop the rumors, and we’ve just heard that as many as four different prototypes could exist for the Galaxy S25 Ultra model.

This comes from tipster PandaFlash on social media (via Wccftech) who has posted four different renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra. These are apparently based on information provided by insider sources.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this isn’t the most well-established of sources, and these renderings don’t show a huge amount of difference from what we’re familiar with from our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review, so bear all of that in mind.

There are only so many ways you can design the front of one of the best phones around, but we can see that there are slight differences in the frame and bezel size as you move from prototype to prototype. Presumably they’re all under consideration right now.

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Galaxy S25 Ultra Side Frame Prototypes based on source’s informations. 25, 2024

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One aspect that is consistent between all four prototypes is the positioning of the selfie camera cut out up at the top of the display. It seems we won’t get an under-display camera (like the one in the Galaxy Z Fold 5) in the Galaxy S series for another year at least.

Apart from a few refinements, the design of the Ultra model hasn’t changed much down the years: it has sported a 6.8-inch screen since the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S22, for example, which launched back in 2022.

Something that did change with the Galaxy S24 Ultra was the introduction of a flat screen, doing away with the rounded edges. We haven’t heard anything to suggest Samsung is going to roll back this change next year.

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We’ve also heard that Samsung might go all-in with its own Exynos processors with the Galaxy S25 series. The tech giant clearly has some decisions to make before the end of 2024, including which of these prototypes has the most appeal.

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