We’re many, many months away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra, and yet here’s a new rumor about it. According to a tipster over on X, the S25 Ultra will come with three rear cameras, not four like its predecessor.

The one that will be dropped is allegedly the 10 MP 3x optical zoom telephoto. As you may have expected, Samsung will instead aim to convince us that the main camera on the S25 Ultra is able to take 3x zoom shots as well, if not better than a dedicated unit would have.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra to have one less camera than its predecessor

For this, the main camera will apparently receive improved image processing. Speaking of which, the S25 Ultra’s main camera is rumored to have the same resolution and sensor size as the one in the S24 Ultra, but its ability to capture light will be improved. The ultrawide, at least in this prototyping stage, hasn’t changed at all.

The periscope zoom camera of the S25 Ultra is apparently being tested with variable zoom with two fixed focal lengths, the first between 4x and 5x, the second between 6x and 7x. Samsung hasn’t yet decided on which exact focal lengths to go with, but there will be two of them – this isn’t a continuously variable zoom like in the Sony Xperia 1 V.

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