Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 reportedly sticks with the same Exynos chip

As we start a new year of Samsung products, leaks are starting to reveal upcoming plans on the company’s next smartwatch. Apparently, the Galaxy Watch 7 won’t see an upgrade to its Exynos chip this year.

Samsung has long powered its Galaxy Watch lineup with its own Exynos processors, and for a long time, that was great news as Qualcomm’s wearable offers were, for a long time, way behind Samsung’s. But as Qualcomm has finally stepped up its game, its now Samsung that’s somewhat lagging behind, without any major upgrades to its chips in a while.

2021’s Galaxy Watch 4 series debuted the Exynos W920, which was a stellar offering for the time, and the Galaxy Watch 6 released in 2023 moved to the slightly newer, slightly better Exynos W940.

According to Roland Quandt of WinFuture, Samsung doesn’t have plans to move forward on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7, which will use the same Exynos W940 chip. This doesn’t come as a major surprise given the tick-tock cycle Samsung has established so far with its smartwatches, but it’s a shame nonetheless.

Still, the W940 is a fine chip, so we’ll be keen to see if Samsung brings any bigger changes to the Galaxy Watch 7 series when it debuts, which will likely be later this year.

Quandt also adds that another Exynos chip, the “5400” (which is an internal name) has shown up, as well as a new Exynos 6375. It’s, at this point, very much unclear what these chips will be used for.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 reportedly sticks with the same Exynos chip

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