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The Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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Some Galaxy Z Fold 4 users have reported their foldable isn’t opening fully, with some even reporting their screens breaking as they try to open them. 

This story appears to have originated from one user on Reddit, named ahmed1smael, who found that their Galaxy Z Fold 4 would not fully open. They managed to open the phone after four hours of cleaning the hinge mechanism. 

According to the post, the blockage appeared to be comprised of the same bristles and tape that fit the brushes that line the hinge. 

These brushes have been a part of the hinge design since the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Their purpose is to clear out dirt and debris from the hinge as is opened and closed. However, the reports seem to indicate that the glue that holds these brushes in place is starting to wear away. while there is no official word on what is causing this to happen the culprit appears to be heat-based. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with mirrored home screens on the inner and outer displays

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One Redditor, who reported waiting for their fourth hinge replacement found that their phone would not open after playing a game for a few minutes on full brightness. Another user posted on X that his phone’s hinge was suddenly faulty after leaving it next to a hot tub.

It isn’t only users on Reddit who have reported the problem. Known tipster Evan Bless has also reported that his Z Fold 4 has the same issue. Evan was adamant it had nothing to do with user error due to the care he takes with his devices, and was instead a design defect. 

I experienced this same problem with a Z Fold4. and considering how well I treat and maintain my phones, I’m inclined to agree that it’s a design defect, at the very least. Anyone else’s ZF4 exhibit this unfortunate phenomenon? 19, 2024

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Concerningly, it appears that Samsung is either unaware of the fault, or refuses to view it as a manufacturing issue. Several users have stated that Samsung Experience has refused to repair the device under warranty, and has even used small scratches to the charging port or bezels as a reason to refuse warranty repair.

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Thankfully, it seems unlikely that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will have the same issue due to the new hinge design. While it is concerning that this fault appears to be relatively widespread it does seem there are a few measures users can take to avoid having any problems. 

The main thing is to avoid keeping the phone near any excessive heat sources, as well as to keep the hinge area as clear as possible. Do not try to clear it out manually if there is a fault, as this can damage the phone, and will make claiming your warranty impossible.

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