One of the things that kind of bothers us about Samsung’s phones is that they don’t really support fast charging. Most of the company’s phones top out at around 25W wired. This is compared to other brands where we’re seeing charging speeds of over 100W. Unfortunately, that won’t be changing anytime soon for Samsung.

According to a report from MySmartPrice, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 will retain the same charging speeds as its predecessors – 25W wired. This was revealed in a Safety Korea certification where it confirmed the dual-cell battery setup and their charging speeds.

We have to say we’re a bit disappointed. We would have thought that the company would try to match other handset brands, but it doesn’t seem like the case here. Maybe there’s a reason why Samsung isn’t a huge believer in faster charging speeds. It could be that they are concerned about how it might affect the battery’s longevity, or maybe they think that 25W is more than sufficient.

To be fair, 25W isn’t slow per se. It’s just that when you look at the competition and you’re seeing some pretty crazy numbers, it would have been nice if Samsung were to try a little harder on the charging front. Maybe 2025’s flagships will be a different story, but don’t get your hopes up for this year’s phones.

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