SmartThings 3D Map View

Samsung unveiled its SmartThings 3D Map View feature at CES 2024 in January and now the company has revealed that the feature is now launching in all countries that have SmartThings access.

The Samsung SmartThings 3D Map View is available on Samsung’s range of Smart TVs, and also on the SmartThings app on Android and Apple’s iOS platforms, Samsung is planning to bring it to more platforms including its Family Hub refrigerators and more.

Map View enhances home management by converting actual floor plans into virtual displays within the SmartThings app, allowing users to easily monitor and control devices, lighting, temperature, air quality, and energy usage from anywhere.

SmartThings 3D Map View

It simplifies the management of an increasing array of connected home devices by providing a comprehensive, real-time view of the entire home, streamlining the process of using these devices without searching for each one.

The latest 3D Map View, an upgrade from the previous 2D version, utilizes Spatial AI and LiDAR technology in Samsung devices like the Bespoke Jet Bot™ to accurately map out home layouts in three dimensions, offering users a detailed understanding of their home’s spatial dynamics.

“Samsung is constantly working to enable customers to control their home devices without any inconvenience at any time and place, and Map View is the result of these efforts,” said Seungbeom Choi, Head of Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to introduce a variety of relevant services and features so our customers can enjoy optimal smart home experiences with a better life.”

You can find out more details about the new Samsung SmartThings 3D Map View feature over at Samsung’s website at the link below, the feature should now be available in your SmartThings app.

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