Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cameras

The rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Image credit: Philip Berne / Future)

We’re now very much used to updates being pushed out for the best Samsung phones to improve various features, squash any lingering bugs, and upgrade camera performance – but it seems the next camera upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may have been delayed.

This comes from established tipster @UniverseIce (via SamMobile), and we don’t get a whole lot of information here, other than the news of a delay. If the rumor is right, we won’t see it until June at the earliest.

Earlier this month the same tipster hinted that another Galaxy S24 Ultra update was incoming, with fixes for “telephoto image quality, inaccurate white balance and abnormal red color”. So we’re assuming this is the update that’s been delayed – though it’s not clear just how widespread these various issues are.

Samsung is still busy pushing out the significant OneUI 6.1 update for its smartphones, as well as fixing a variety of bugs that have come along with said update. It seems specific camera improvements for the Galaxy S24 Ultra are on hold for the time being.

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S24 Ultra’s camera update has been delayed, at least until June.April 24, 2024

Owners of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phones will be encouraged to hear that another update is possibly in the pipeline, and it wouldn’t be the first: there was one in February that covered shutter speed, video clarity and photo exposure.

Then there was another in March that addressed quality and usability issues, including problems some users were experiencing with white balance. Now it seems Samsung is still not done with getting the camera quality as good as it can be, though as yet there’s been no official word from the company on another patch.

In our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review, we praised the cameras for the quality of the images they produced, as well as the color and range included in those images. However, we did think there was room for improvement in terms of noise reduction and photos taken in low light conditions.

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The next big batch of news due from Samsung is rumored to be arriving in July, with another Unpacked event apparently planned to show off the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Watch 7, Galaxy Buds 3, and Galaxy Ring.

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