Samsung now sells ‘Re-Newed’ Galaxy S23 phones for up to $280 off

Following past series, Samsung is now selling refurbished Galaxy S23 devices under its “Re-Newed” program, with discounts of over $200 off.

Starting today, Samsung is selling refurbished Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra devices through its “Re-Newed” program. The devices are discounted by around $200 from their original retail prices.

The Galaxy S23 launched for $799, but sells “Re-Newed” for $619. The Galaxy S23 Ultra launched at $1,199, but starts at $919 through this refurbished program.

Samsung says that every Galaxy device sold through “Re-Newed” goes through “extensive testing” and gets genuine replacement parts installed by Samsung engineers. This includes each device getting a brand new battery, and they’re also given a new IMEI number too. A one-year warranty is also included.

For the Galaxy S23 series, these refurbished units will start at $619 for the base Galaxy S23 and go up from there. S23 and S23+ will only be available in black, while the Ultra will add its green color variant as well. Multiple storage options are also available.

  • Galaxy S23 – $619, 128GB and 256GB in Phantom Black
  • Galaxy S23+ – $769+, 256B and 512GB in Phantom Black
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra – $919, 256GB in Phantom Black and Green, 512GB only Phantom Black

Notably, these prices are the same as Samsung started with on the Galaxy S22 series. However, at this point, those same devices now start at $529. So, over time, we can expect the Galaxy S23 series to get cheaper as well.

Alternatively, there’s always a thriving marketplace for secondhand devices out there, often for much less. But with the “Re-Newed” program, Samsung takes out some of the guesswork, and ensures things like the battery are in their best shape.

All of these devices are still eligible for a few more years of software updates, and were also recently updated with Galaxy AI features that first launched on the Galaxy S24.

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Samsung now sells ‘Re-Newed’ Galaxy S23 phones for up to $280 off

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