Green line issue on Samsung phone

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  • Samsung is giving Galaxy users a free, one-time display replacement for phones affected by the infamous green line issue.
  • For now, the replacement benefit is only available in India on select Galaxy phones.
  • The deadline to claim the offer is April 30, 2024.

Samsung India is reportedly offering a free, one-time screen replacement to users with select Galaxy phones experiencing the green line issue.

Reports about a green line appearing on Samsung phones have been ramping up lately. We’ve also received multiple emails from our readers stuck with green lines on their Galaxy flagships. However, this isn’t a new issue. We found complaints on Reddit that date back to last year. More recently, Galaxy S21 series users have been reporting the appearance of a green line on their devices following software updates.

It seems Samsung has taken note of the issue, at least in one country. In India, Samsung is now offering a free display replacement for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy S22 phones affected by the green line issue. However, Samsung’s replacement policy only applies to these devices if they were purchased within the last three years.

Samsung India offers a ONE-TIME FREE SCREEN REPLACEMENT for select models(within 3 years of purchase) experiencing GREEN LINE issue, even if your warranty’s expired!

Applicable Models:
•S20 Series
•S21 Series(Excluded FE)
•S22 Ultra(SM-S908E)

While the affected and eligible phones don’t necessarily have to be under warranty to get the free screen replacement, there’s a deadline for claiming the benefit. Users with green lines on their Galaxy phones have till April 30, 2024, to book an appointment with a Samsung service center and take advantage of the offer. The company will also throw in a free battery replacement alongside a brand-new display.

We’ve contacted Samsung to check if this new free screen replacement policy will also apply to Galaxy phone users experiencing the green line issue in other regions apart from India. We’ve also asked the company if it has any alternative solutions for devices experiencing the green line issue that are not eligible for a free replacement. If and when we get an answer, we’ll update this article with official information from Samsung.

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