Samsung may be considering adding an innovative feature to its future rollable smartphones. A newly-published patent application from the company details a rollable smartphone with a built-in air quality sensor. It features a unique pipeline system for airflow and a sensor to measure air quality.

Samsung patents a rollable smartphone that can measure air quality

The concept of rollable smartphones has tantalized tech enthusiasts for years but the realization of this futuristic form factor remains elusive. Despite years of development, rollables are confined to prototypes and concept devices. A commercial product is nowhere in sight. There are rumors that Vivo and Transsion will collaborate to launch the world’s first commercial rollable smartphone later this year but these are just rumors.

Samsung has also long shown interest in rollable devices, even as it religiously pushes the foldable market forward. We have already seen a few concept designs and patents related to rollable smartphones from the Korean firm. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) published the latest patent application on February 29, 2024. It is for an “electronic device including openable and closable pipeline”.

The patent documents and accompanying sketches describe a smartphone with a rollable display and a built-in air quality sensor. First reported by Pigtou, the futuristic Samsung device features two housings. One of them can slide over the other. The rollable panel also doubles up as controls for the opening and closing of the pipeline. This helps regulate the airflow to the sensor, giving you accurate air quality readings quickly.

Samsung has also implemented measures to prevent internal device components from contaminating the sensor. This ensures the reliability of the readings. The device can actively monitor the air quality of your surroundings and alert you to changes in air quality. The whole product has a space-efficient design, so the device doesn’t look bulky despite featuring a built-in air quality sensor.

This device may not see the light of day anytime soon

As said earlier, rollable smartphones aren’t commercially available yet. They only exist in prototypes and concepts. Samsung has patented many rollable designs but there is no such product in its pipeline, at least not just yet. This unique rollable device with a built-in air quality sensor may also be just an idea that the company wants to protect. It may or may not turn the concept into a real product. Even if it does, certainly not anytime soon. It may be one for the future.

Samsung rollable smartphone patent air quality sensor

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