Samsung reportedly ‘considering’ switching to square screen for Galaxy Watch

While most smartwatches for Android have circular displays, a new report claims that Samsung plans to adopt a square screen on a future Galaxy Watch.

Since its Wear OS adoption in 2021, Samsung has been exclusively making circular smartwatches, but the company played around with other form factors in the past. The original Galaxy Gear was a square smartwatch, as was the company’s Android Wear watch, the Gear Live. But from the Gear S2 onward, Samsung made its preference for circular designs quite clear.

According to SamMobile, though, Samsung plans to switch it up. The switch is “enthusiastically being considered internally” which strongly suggests its not final and a ways away.

While it’s unclear when, Samsung is apparently working on a square smartwatch. This could make its way to market as soon as this year’s Galaxy Watch 7 series, but other leaks of that series haven’t made any mention of such a drastic change.

Samsung’s reasoning for going to a square design is unclear. Wear OS does technically support square displays, but most apps and even Samsung’s One UI skin are optimized for circular layouts. It seems entirely possible that Samsung is hoping to compete with the Apple Watch, which has always had square displays, but it’s certainly a major shakeup if it comes to reality.

The Galaxy Watch 7 series is likely set to arrive as soon as July alongside the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung reportedly ‘considering’ switching to square screen for Galaxy Watch
2014’s Gear Live was one of Samsung’s last square watches

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