Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

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What you need to know

  • Samsung is supposedly beginning to develop its Wear OS 5 version as a new test build was spotted.
  • The firmware is listed for the Galaxy Watch 6 series in the U.S.
  • The timing lines up as Samsung was originally going to begin Wear OS 4 testing in May 2023 but faced a delay that pushed it into June.

It seems that Samsung has started developing its Wear OS 5 software for its line of eligible smartwatches.

The supposed test firmware was spotted by Matthew Reiter on X, which could indicate Samsung’s beginning of Wear OS 5 software testing (via SamMobile). The software, bearing version number R965USQU1BXD8, was spotted in development for the Galaxy Watch 6 series several days ago.

Moreover, the software seemingly only pertains to the carrier-locked version of the smartwatch in the U.S.

While more in-depth information about the software is still unknown, Google is slated to talk about the update during I/O 2024.

This could be Wear OS 5 test firmware for Watch 6 Series@thesammyfans @SamMobiles @tarunvats33 @BennettBuhner 29, 2024

Google is preparing for its annual I/O event, which is slated for May 14 this year. We’re expecting a few reveals and insights from the company, one of which will be Wear OS 5, as the company revealed its preliminary schedule for developer sessions last month. The session is said to contain an early look at the software as its description reads, “Building for the future of Wear OS.”

This is good news for wearables, as it seems Google is getting on top of a yearly release cadence for the major Wear OS software updates.

Samsung’s apparent development of its Wear OS 5 (likely One UI 6 Watch) skin potentially appearing now makes sense. Last year, the company originally planned to begin its beta for Wear OS 4 in May but faced a delay. Testing didn’t start until June, so there’s a chance Samsung isn’t looking to repeat last year’s unsightly problems.

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More importantly, rumors have suggested that the software could debut in time for the Galaxy Watch 7 series, likely later this summer. There were multiple sightings of an “unreleased Android 14 build” that could indicate the upcoming Wear OS software. Additionally, Samsung is likely jumping to a headstart to ensure that the new watch, powered by the Exynos 5535, can support the firmware properly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 render

If it ain’t broke…

The Galaxy Watch 6 continues a trend that Samsung has become known for with its wearables. The device boasts a slight performance boost over last year’s but features a larger and brighter display. The Galaxy Watch 6 can even charge at a surprisingly fast speed, making it the ideal buddy to keep on hand throughout the day.

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