The Samsung S95C OLED TV showing abstract pink and black geometric pattern on wood table.

(Image credit: Future)

The Samsung S95C was one of the highest performing TVs of 2023, earning a top ranking in our best TV guide as our premium OLED choice and best for brightness in our best OLED TV guide – and for good reason. This is one seriously impressive TV with an incredibly bright and colorful picture, spectacular contrast and a whole host of features, especially for gamers. 

Because the Samsung S95C got top marks across the board, the big question now is how will the next TV in this range compare? What can we expect from the Samsung S95D?

We’ve heard very few details about Samsung’s 2024 TV plans, let alone what we can expect from specific models. But we can still look at what we’d like to see from the S95D based on the features that did well and the (admittedly very few) things that were lacking from this year’s OLED TV.

We’ll learn more about Samsung’s 2024 TVS at CES 2024 in a few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for news. In the meantime, let’s look at what we expect to see from the S95D. We’ll cover when the Samsung S95D could be released, how much it’s likely to cost and what we want to see from the new Samsung OLED TV.

Samsung S95D: Release date and pricing

The Samsung S95C displaying an abstract green design

The Samsung S95C was impressive, but how will the Samsung S95D compare?  (Image credit: Samsung)

There are no official details about when to expect the Samsung S95D or how much it’ll cost. However, we can certainly make some realistic assumptions based on the Samsung S95C.

The Samsung S95C was announced at CES 2023 last year and launched a few months later in March 2023. That means we can expect the Samsung S95D to also be available in the early Spring of 2024.

The Samsung S95C was available in three different sizes, 55-, 65- and 77-inches so we might well see a similar number of sizes available with the S95D. In terms of pricing, here’s how much they launched at: 

We’d expect the same pricing in 2024 for the S95D, but that will depend on whether new features and panel tech mean it’s pricier to manufacture. Its cost will also depend on what other TVs Samsung has planned. 

The S95C was Samsung’s premium QD-OLED offering for 2023. Interestingly though, it wasn’t its only one, with the more affordable S90C delivering a more subdued performance increase over the S95Bs but costing a hefty $600 / £600 less. That’s why the S90C, although not the better TV, was our top pick in our best TV guide for most people. 

We expect Samsung to continue with this tradition into 2024, and have both the S95D and S90D – although it’s worth remembering at this point that’s speculation. 

Samsung S95D: Features and what we want to see

The Samsung S95C really blew us away – it’s not every day we award a TV that we’ve tested five out of five stars. So when it comes to thinking about what we want from the S95D, it’s tempting to simply say: more of the same! But the Samsung S95C wasn’t completely perfect. 

In our Samsung S95C review, we noted that some of the presets needed work. For example, its Standard picture preset delivered the best dynamic pictures but did make colors appear desaturated at times, and can also leave skin tones occasionally looking jaundiced.

We also noticed a slight flicker to shots that contain subtle brightness shifts. These are niggles rather than dealbreakers, but we’d be happy to see Samsung address some of these problems with the S95D.

Samsung S95C OLED TV on stand showing abstract image

The Samsung S95C was one of the best TVs of 2023, but how might the Samsung S95D compare?  (Image credit: Future)

We also liked the range of support options on offer from the S95C, its 4K resolution is backed up by support for the HDR10, HLG and HDR10+ HDR formats. This is fine so far as it goes, but Samsung’s continual refusal to also onboard the popular Dolby Vision HDR format is still frustrating, especially given how widespread content mastered in Dolby’s premium HDR format is. We’re not expecting this to change with Samsung’s 2024 TV line-up, but here’s to hoping. 

Samsung hasn’t announced any details about its 2024 line-up just yet. WhatHiFi did report that Samsung has been working on QD-OLED panels as small as 32 and 27-inches, but these appear to be to sell to other companies as gaming monitors rather for the next range of OLED TVs. Still, we can dream.

So otherwise, all we know is that Samsung will build on its 2023 successes. For the upcoming S95D this means it’s likely to be another high-end QD-OLED with premium specs – including an incredibly bright panel – and a design and price tag to match.

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