Samsung says Live Translate is coming to more apps, will ‘optimize’ AI for Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6
Live Translate

The Galaxy S24 series launched with a massive focus on AI, and many of the new features using that tech were focused on translation. One of the most impressive of those, “Live Translate,” will soon be coming to other calling apps on Android, Samsung has announced.

In an editorial about “human-centric” AI, Samsung’s Won-Joon Choi revealed that the company plans to bring “Live Translate” to more Android apps.

“Live Translate” on the Galaxy S24 series and other Samsung devices with Galaxy AI works through the Phone app. The feature can take a phone call where the two callers speak different languages and act as an interpreter in between them. So, if you speak English but are calling someone who speaks Korean, your words are translated to Korean and vice versa. It’s a neat feature in action, and works quite well.

But, as of today, it only works in Samsung’s Phone app and, in turn, only for calls made through your cellular carrier.

That’s what is soon to change.

Samsung says that “third-party” apps will be able to use Live Translate for calls. There’s no word yet on what apps will be supported, but some obvious candidates include WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Meet, KakaoTalk, and more.

Soon, Samsung is extending the power of Galaxy AI beyond Samsung’s own native calling app by expanding Live Translate to other third-party message apps to support voice calls. So you can stay in contact with friends or colleagues, communicating on your favorite apps in multiple languages.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed when we’ll see this arrive, but hints that it could be soon. Later in the post, it’s mentioned that Samsung will “optimize” Galaxy AI features for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6. There’s no word on what that means, though.

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