Samsung has confirmed rumors about Galaxy AI coming to its watches. Today, the company announced that its next-gen smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 7 series, will use on-device AI to provide users with a more comprehensive health monitoring system. The Korean firm is combining AI with Samsung Health to help users better understand their daily health and wellness.

The Galaxy Watch 7 will feature on-device AI for improved health monitoring

The global fitness tracker market is projected to grow exponentially from $62.03 billion in 2024 to $290.85 billion in 2032. This shows people are valuing personal health more than ever. Samsung wants to revolutionize health tracking with on-device AI for its watches. Integrating Galaxy AI with Samsung Health will introduce new features and improve users’ health and wellness routines.

Samsung‘s health app will use AI to give you a new metric called Energy Score. It offers a detailed insight into your daily health condition by analyzing various other health metrics, including sleep time, sleep consistency, daily activity, and heart rate. You will wake up with a better understanding of your energy levels, so you can adjust your activities for the day accordingly.

If you have set personal health goals in Samsung Health, the app will offer AI-powered Wellness Tips tailored to help you achieve your goal. You will get motivational tips, insights, and guidance. From encouraging more physical activity to suggesting relaxation techniques, these tips will keep you on track. Samsung says it has improved its foundational health algorithms for intelligent health experiences.

This update also brings new sleep indicators in Sleep Score. Alongside existing metrics like snoring hours, blood oxygen level, and sleep cycle, Samsung Health will give you insights into body movements during sleep, heart rate, sleep latency, and respiratory rate during sleep. This precise analysis of sleep quality will help you build better sleep habits and improve your overall health.

New tools for runners & cyclists

For runners, Galaxy AI brings new Aerobic Threshold (AT)/Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zone metrics for more efficient running. It analyzes your performance and helps you train within your optimal heart rate zones. Cyclists, meanwhile, can use AI to calculate their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics to get a personalized power index and train like pro athletes to maximize performance.

If you are running or cycling along the same route as before, the new Race feature compares your current and past performances to keep you motivated. You will be competing against yourself to do better. Last but not least, the Workout Routine feature combines exercises for a more personalized workout. It is designed such that you will seamlessly transition to the next exercise without stopping.

All of these AI-powered Samsung Health tools will debut with the Galaxy Watch 7 series sometime in July. Samsung says the features will be part of One UI 6 Watch. The new version will also trickle down to the Galaxy Watch 6 and older models. It remains to be seen if the company will extend Galaxy AI support to those. It plans to open a public beta program for One UI 6 Watch in June, so stay tuned.

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