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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in Titanium Gray with S Pen on back.
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Samsung, one of the most trusted brands in the electronics industry, has rolled out monitor deals, phone deals, TV deals, and price cuts for other types of devices in the Samsung Spring Sale. While it’s going to run until March 10, it’s highly recommended that you finish your shopping as soon as you can because for some of the popular offers, there’s a chance that their stocks run out quickly. To help you make a quick decision, we’ve highlighted our favorite bargains below, but feel free to look at everything that’s available in the ongoing sale — just do it fast to make sure that you don’t miss out on the savings.

What to buy in the Samsung Spring Sale

Samsung S95C OLED
Douglas Murray/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

In the Samsung Spring Sale, you’ve got the chance at for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, as you’ll get an automatic upgrade to the 512GB model worth $1,420 at the 256GB model’s price of $1,300. For those who are looking to buy a new monitor, here are a couple of options –the 27-inch Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K smart monitor , down by $700 from its original price of $1,600, and the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 OLED curved gaming monitor , after a $600 discount on its sticker price of $1,800.

Now’s also the perfect time to upgrade your home theater setup. If you want a TV that doubles as an art piece, the 55-inch Samsung The Frame QLED 4K TV will be , for savings of $500 on its original price of $1,500. If you prefer investing in top-of-the-line OLED technology, the 55-inch Samsung S95C OLED 4K TV is instead of $2,500, after a $700 discount.

Samsung Spring Sale: Save on monitors, phones, TVs, and more | Digital Trends

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Do you need help in cleaning your home? Samsung’s Spring Sale has also reduces the prices of the Samsung Jet 60 Pet cordless stick vacuum to from $330 for savings of $50, and the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum to from $1,300, for savings of $400.

There are still a few days left before the end of the Samsung Spring Sale, but that doesn’t mean that you should be taking your time in finalizing your purchases. Waiting until the last minute before you complete your transactions isn’t a good idea because stocks of the devices that you want to buy may already be gone by then, so if there’s something that catches your eye in the ongoing sale, it’s highly recommended that you shop the offers immediately. Otherwise, you may lose your chance at massive savings!

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