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Samsung is planning to revolutionize the wearable market in 2024. The Galaxy Ring took us by surprise at MWC, and Samsung will release this new wearable device before the end of the year.

The question is, how much confidence does Samsung have that the Galaxy Ring will sell? It’s hard to tell. But for what it’s worth, recent reports from Korea (via ETNews) say the initial mass production volume for the upcoming Galaxy Ring is between 400,000 and 500,000 units.

That may not sound like a lot for a to-be-revolutionary product, but this is just the initial batch. Samsung will produce more Galaxy Rings once it gauges initial sales and the early market response.

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One of the difficulties Samsung might face is figuring out which Galaxy Ring sizes will have a higher demand. At MWC 2024, Samsung revealed nine sizes and three colors for the Galaxy Ring. That’s quite a lot of configurations for one single product and a lot compared to other smart ring manufacturers.

The Galaxy Ring already has a lot of fans

Samsung is trying to take educated risks and turn the Galaxy Ring into a product that people want. Fortunately, judging by everyone’s response to the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, Samsung will most likely have to manufacture a lot more than 500,000 Galaxy Rings throughout the product’s lifetime.

Many Samsung Health enthusiasts seem to be very excited about the Galaxy Ring. This new wearable will allow them to track health and fitness data in a smart and elegant way. This device will also boast new sleep-tracking features, according to Samsung.

The Galaxy Ring will, therefore, allow classic/analog watch fans to use the Samsung Health platform to its maximum potential without wearing a smartwatch. Not to mention that the small wearable could offer battery life for days.

Right now, many reasons point to the Galaxy Ring being destined for success, and if we were to guess, we’d say that the initial batch of 500,000 units will sell like hotcakes. But time will tell, of course, and we will be fortunate enough to find out the Ring’s fate before the end of the year.

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