Samsung announced its 2024 TV pricing Wednesday, with the cheapest OLED model, the 55-inch S90D, starting at $2,000. This price is on par with LG’s 55-inch C4, its equivalent OLED model that competes directly against Samsung. 

Samsung’s most notable OLED advancement this year is its anti-glare technology on the S95D, the higher-end model of its OLED lineup that starts at $2,600 for the 55-inch size. That series competes against the G4 from LG, and pricing between the two are again basically the same. We haven’t reviewed the S95D yet, but we’ll be excited to see how the TV holds up in a bright room. We were impressed by a brief demo of the anti-reflective screen finish at CES. 

LG and Samsung will compete to see which company can lead the pack in high-end OLED TVs this year. OLED TVs produce the best picture quality of the TVs we test at the CNET testing lab, and LG’s C3 and Samsung’s S95C, in particular, competed for our best OLED picks last year.

Samsung 2024 S95D and S90D OLED TV prices


It’s important to note that LG continues to offer a greater range of OLED TV sizes in 2024. Its 42- and 48-inch C4 TVs cost $1,500 and $1,600, respectively, while Samsung doesn’t offer those smaller sizes. LG also has an 83-inch OLED TV in its C4 and G4 series.

Samsung’s other 2024 models rolling out soon, following their announcement at CES, include the Neo QLED 8K, with models QN900D and QN800D both available in 65- to 85-inch sizes.

Its sister Neo QLED 4K TVs are available in more sizes: 43 to 98 inches in the Q90D, or 55 to 85 inches in the QN85D. Both of these models start just shy of $1,500 for the smallest size.

Samsung’s Frame TV, an aesthetic model that displays art when idle, is available in 43- to 75-inch sizes. 

Samsung’s 2024 OLED TVs Are Out Now, With All Eyes on New Anti-Glare Technology

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New TV prices will start off high around this time of year, bringing a discount to most 2023 models. We typically recommend going with last year’s models of TVs for as long as they’re available, since not much changes year over year between models in the same series. (With the important caveat that, if Samsung’s anti-glare feature on the S95D can hold its own, it would be a huge plus for people looking for a TV for a bright room. More on that upon our review of the S95D, coming soon.)

Preorders for all TVs in Samsung’s new lineup are available now.

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