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Samsung has oscillated between single-chip and dual-chip options for its Galaxy S series since its inception, and for the most part, in recent years, they’ve offered either an Exynos or a Snapdragon chip depending on the region you’re purchasing the phone in (with the exception of the S23 series and the S24 Ultra, all of which stuck to a Snapdragon).

Most people want the Snapdragon models because they’ve simply been the better options in performance and efficiency. Last year’s Exynos 2400 closed the gap substantially and there’s been a lot of buzz around this year’s Exynos 2500, claiming that it may go head to head with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, and even beat it in efficiency.

The Samsung S25 Series’ Exynos Chip Might Be Better On Battery Than The Snapdragon

Samsung's 3nm Exynos 2500 May Be Impressively Power Efficient 5
Image: Peter Holden/TalkAndroid

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the chipset that the Samsung Galaxy S25 series is going to go with. Initially, we heard tales that it was going to stick with an Exynos chipset for all models in all regions, which is something that hasn’t been done since the Samsung Galaxy S7.

While that doesn’t seem to be the prevailing rumor anymore, it doesn’t seem like that reality would be that bad. Rumors surrounding the Samsung Exynos 2500 put it up as being more power efficient than Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, mainly due to the fact that it’ll be manufactured on a 3nm process (though the Snapdragon is also rumored to be 3nm too). That would make the Samsung Galaxy S25 lineup the first smartphones from the company to run on a 3nm chip.

Samsung's 3nm Exynos 2500 May Be Impressively Power Efficient 6
Image: Peter Holden/TalkAndroid

The Exynos 2400 was built on a 4nm process but went against the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 pretty competitively (though it still didn’t beat it), which means that the Exynos 2500 should theoretically be another step up. It’s definitely a good thing for people loyal to Samsung to get equally competitive processor options, regardless of where they live.

Whether Samsung will ship the Exynos 2500 in the S25 and S25+ and leave the Snapdragon chip to do the heavy lifting in the Ultra model like they did this year, can’t be determined yet.

The Galaxy Watch 7 Will Launch With Samsung’s First 3nm Chip

Samsung's 3nm Exynos 2500 May Be Impressively Power Efficient 7
Image: Samsung

On one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S25 won’t even be the first Samsung product overall to launch with a 3nm chip in it. Nope, it seems that honor will go to Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

The chip expected for these smartwatches is going to be Samsung’s own Exynos W1000, which should be a step up in performance from the Exynos W930 that was in the Galaxy Watch 6. Considering this is a leap from a 5nm process to a 3nm process, there is expected to be a 20% boost in both performance and power efficiency. Power efficiency theoretically means better battery life, which is certainly needed in the Galaxy Watch lineup.

We can expect Samsung to unveil its sixth generation of Z foldables and seventh generation of smartwatches at its Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10th.

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