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As Samsung has made its Android 14 update widely available, some Galaxy users have noticed that the update breaks wireless Android Auto on their devices.

One UI 6.0 is Samsung’s latest software update, based on Android 14, which has been rolling out since the end of October 2023. At this point, over 40 Galaxy devices have been updated, and it’s been a pretty smooth process for the most part without any major bugs or issues.

For some, though, it seems there’s a problem with Android Auto.

On Google’s forums, some Samsung Galaxy owners have found that Android Auto is no longer working via a wireless connection after updating to Android 14. The issue appeared as Samsung’s rollout accelerated towards the end of November 2023. Users note that the problem persists across different Galaxy devices, with reports popping up from Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra, Galaxy A54, and the Galaxy S23 series as well.

Those affected report that wireless connections just don’t work at all, or they’re very unstable and only work briefly.

Google has acknowledged the issue by adding it to its “Known Issues” list this week, and a community specialist previously chimed in on the thread as well. However, there’s been no fix as of yet. Presumably, the issue can be fixed through an app update from Google, which would be faster than waiting on a full system patch from Samsung.

Luckily, affected users are still able to use Android Auto, they just need to use a cable instead of a wireless connection or wireless adapter.

It does seem that Galaxy users aren’t alone here. More than a few Google Pixel owners have been running into wireless Android Auto issues on Android 14 too, though only following the December 2023 update. This issue, however, seems to be not nearly as widespread.

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Samsung’s Android 14 update breaks wireless Android Auto for some

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