CES 2024 is all about weird and wonderful tech ideas, and that’s been perfectly epitomized by Samsung’s latest monitor concept. Called The Link, it could change how you manage a multi-monitor setup forever – if it’s all that it claims to be.

When the idea was initially unveiled, Samsung claimed that these displays were “the world’s thinnest and lightest 4K 32-inch LED monitors” and that they would connect to each other using pogo pins. In other words, you could just snap them together without needing a single connecting cable.

That would make putting together a multi-monitor PC arrangement an absolute breeze. Not only would you not need to fiddle with a rat’s nest of cables, but you desk would look a whole lot neater in the process.

It’s not just a fanciful concept either. Samsung won a CES Innovation Award for The Link, and you can’t do that if you’ve only got a render to show for your efforts.

Some claims have been removed

Han Jong-hee, CEO of Samsung Electronics, speaks at the CES 2024 show.

(Image credit: Samsung)

However, as noted by Digital Trends, Samsung later rowed back a couple of its claims. Instead of stating The Link was the world’s thinnest and lightest monitor of its kind, the company now simply describes it as “super-thin.” It also expunged any mention of pogo pins and now states that you can connect the displays “without a separate cable.”

That means there’s an air of uncertainty surrounding the monitors. Judging by the imagery, The Link will still be incredibly slimline, even if it’s technically not the world’s thinnest and lightest 4K 32-inch LED display. And it could be that Samsung hasn’t decided on the specifics of how the monitors will connect to each other, but it seems that whatever it settles on won’t involve a cable.

At the end of the day, that’s probably not a huge deal. Any monitors that can snap together in a cable-free manner are going to be a boon for PC enthusiasts, regardless of the particular method chosen.

There are a couple of different specifications whose absence is more important: price and availability. Samsung hasn’t spilled the beans on either of those yet, so we’ll have to keep waiting to find out when The Link will go on sale – and how much of a hole it will blow in your finances.

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Samsung’s concept monitor lets you daisy-chain screens without cables, but questions remain

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