Released in late January around the world, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra have already been deemed major box-office hits in a number of different reports. But because Samsung rarely makes the sales results of its high-end smartphones public, it’s definitely nice (and important) to see another reliable source put together some unofficial estimates.

The latest data collection comes from one of the most reputable market research firms out there, and although it doesn’t actually reveal how many S24-series units have been shipped to date, it once again emphasizes the success of the new Android flagship trio compared to last year’s S23 family.

Double-digit growth (almost) across the board

For some reason, Counterpoint Research doesn’t appear to have published a complete report based on these new numbers, which are thus only accessible to us via a Yonhap News piece and a Revegnus X post. The latter includes a neat little graph that makes everything pretty easy to understand… except from where that 18 percent drop in the final section comes.

During their first three weeks of commercial availability, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra were apparently up by double digits compared to their predecessors in terms of sales in the United States, Korea, and Western Europe. 

Those are obviously three of the most important global markets for Samsung, and while it’s not exactly surprising to see Korean numbers jump by 22 percent, the 14 and 28 percent increases estimated for the US and Western Europe respectively are pretty darn impressive.

Due to that mysterious 18 percent decline in the graph’s last column, worldwide sales are only up by 8 percent, which is by no means a bad result. The Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra, mind you, also sold relatively well in their first few weeks of availability this time last year, reportedly retaining their appeal all the way to the S24 launch. 

As such, the S24 family clearly has some big shoes to fill, which seems to be going well so far thanks primarily to groundbreaking new AI technologies… and a particularly strong box-office performance from the Ultra model.

The S24 Ultra is more popular than the S24 and S24 Plus… combined

Is the Galaxy S24 Ultrathebest Android phone money can buy right now? Our in-depth review strongly suggests that, and buyers are definitely paying attention. How much attention? Enough that more than one in two S24-series devices purchased around the world between January 28 and February 17 was reportedly an Ultra.

That’s right, the biggest and baddest member of the S24 family single-handedly accounted for 52 percent of the trio’s global shipments during the aforementioned period, with the “standard” 6.2-inch model sitting at 27 percent and the Plus variant at only 21 percent.

These shares are actually not that different from how the S23 Ultra compared with the S23 and S23 Plus last year, but it’s still remarkable to see Samsung do such a solid job of marketing its most expensive handsets. 

Once again, there’s no word on a sales total for either of these models or the high-end family as a whole today, but one source anticipated Samsung would surpass 10 million units “within one month of launch” a couple of weeks back

Assuming that number is accurate, more than 5 million Galaxy S24 Ultra copies might already be in global circulation, which is simply staggering. It obviously doesn’t come close to how many iPhone 15 Pro Max units Apple is still selling worldwide after several months of availability, but it’s an impressive figure nonetheless.

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